"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Our Political Elite

Still Imprisoned

Still Imprisoned!

We have just entered a period of excessive political hype as leaders of all political parties in the UK launch their Manifestos for the upcoming elections in May 2015.

Anyone who has lived long enough, researched and had a lot of experience of life on planet Earth must greet this with a large degree of skepticism. Given that we have not collectively forgotten the denial of the “will of the people” who demonstrated in their millions world wide against invading Iraq in 2003, the suspicious deaths of Princess Diane and Dr David Kelly; the fact that our country is not self governed due to it being into trillions of debt and therefore “owned” by the creditors, add to this the almost complete disconnect of our leaders from the working populations, then it is surprising that anyone turns out to vote at all.

An ex-Falklands Veteran friend of mine who suffered from PTSD following watching 26 of his mates killed in front of him during the battle for Goose Green, remarked before a general election. “It would be no good even suggesting people do not vote because the way the constitution is designed is that only one or two people need to vote and that could decide the elected government. “ Whilst this view is graphic it does illustrate how political legislation suits political agendas more than people.

Frequent visitors to my blog and website will have noted that I write from a “Multidimensional” level often including metaphysical and spiritual perspectives. These perspectives cannot be divorced from mainstream politics because in our current world time-line we are governed by vaguely masked slave masters; this paradigm includes most governments.

It would be naive for anyone to simply go out and “vote” simply because it’s what they have done since reaching voting age, without undergoing personal research. It is seriously suggested you start with “Conspiracy Theories.” Good starting points would be Montalk.net ; Desultory Heroics; David Icke; Jim Keith. There are hundreds of others. Use your discernment but from experience I suggest that you will emerge asking more questions from the answers you have found. Follow your hunches, switch off your “survival mode”  switch on your Free Earth Life Autonomy mode. (I made that last one up!)

For a good while I got caught-up in various spiritual ascension misinformation, especially when researching much channeled information. In fact for 10 years following my “awakening” I did in-depth research before attempting to write of my experiences in A New Human. But first I had to become ill with ME, this served to ground me and force me to switch off all input for 2 years so that I could reconsider and integrate all I had undergone.

Despite all this I cannot, regardless of the deep denial currently surrounding me, deny that our Earth is undergoing a huge shift which if we follow the above advice will serve to eventually free us instead of continuing the thousands of years of enslavement.

This is all good training for the soul. However many people are failing to awaken and complete their soul’s mission due to the hypnotic trances their enslavement has placed them in. Waking up to what is may be a painful process but it is a very necessary one if they wish to live life on Earth as a fully awakened soul realised individual.

Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.

Wayne Dyer


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