"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Book Reviews

A New Human by Avril Meyler

The author has undertaken a life packed with an above average share of adventures. She is similarly blessed with a yearning to communicate this so that others may draw important A New human Coverinsights from her wealth of experiences. David Icke appears to have in many ways become a spiritual father figure for her, inspiring her to boldly continue forth. The book touches upon her many marriages which were each stepping stones to fresh personal advances. Avril is clearly a very sensitive soul who has difficulty suppressing herself into the walking-sleep state so many others have taken refuge in. Her intolerance of injustice constantly feeds into a desire to awaken human minds to the greater truths which drive our spiritual advancement. Most readers have lived relatively cosseted lives compared to Avril, all the while perceiving that having more peace and harmony hastens development. Whereas Avril demonstrates that in many ways emotional traumas are the force driving positive improvements. Another distinctive feature about Avril’s life is her knack of running into so many of the best
people in this world, and drawing positively from their inspiration. Overall this is good book and inspiration to all less the adventurous who might worry too much.
With respect to David Icke; out of body explorations to, for example, the reptilian world reveals the “conspiracy” appears to be a practical joke. Furthermore, the very beings responsible for this practical joke have ensured that he was alerted to the “conspiracy” perception.

David McCready: Great Simulator Earth Training 20th February 2015

Book Review of A New Human by Avril Meyler

Two thousand six hundred years ago Gautama Buddha, after sitting under a Bodhi tree in tense meditation for an extended period of time awoke and was “awakened”. That is the meaning of the word ‘Buddha’ – Awakened. For the Buddha it was an awakening to truths that would change the way we think, give meaning and purpose and relieve many from both mental and physical pain and suffering.
If we read about his life prior to his spiritual awakening I am sure we would in today’s context describe him as “mad’ – walking out on his wife and child, spending lengthy periods of his life in isolation, near naked, emaciated and hungry in an attempt to find a way forward through human suffering. Today the Buddha is revered as a great spiritual teacher and his teachings have given hope and direction to countless folk.
Many of us have our own awakening. Avril Meyler’s book A New Human, is an autobiography of her own journey through her pain and suffering to a new understanding of life and emerging with a new and fresh identity.
Avril takes us through a life of living it high in as a finance company director, then crashing down through two divorces and finally living almost on skid row. However, through the intensity of her pain and struggles she discovers another world deep inside that takes on what Avril terms a Multi-Dimensional reality. Her breakdown becomes a dynamic breakthrough.
Avril takes us along some windy roads both externally through her travels through Bosnia and witnessing the results of atrocious war crimes, a pilgrim’s journey in Spain in search of truth. These roads confront us to discovering the truth of who we are and once discovering this truth through awakening living it. Avril comments:

“It takes courage to live one’s truth in a world which rejects the truth.”

Influenced by the work of David Icke Avril cautions us about superficial religiosity sold in the mass popular spiritual media controlled supermarkets. On the other hand Avril guides us to take personal responsibility in wisdom and discernment to arrive at the truth.
Finally Avril takes us to Raven-Jo who lives within another dimensional reality and who has a soul aspect in a human counterpart. In mythological language Raven-Jo speaks of us having forgotten our real purpose here on earth. Zoltar who is timeless reminds us of our true home which is not of this earthly life.
To become A New Human we must renounce the falseness of our identities moving towards an authentic multi-dimensional person who is able to see through manipulation and misinformation that would imprison our souls from the freedom found in spiritual transformation. Like a butterfly let loose by a compassionate hand from the spider’s web we are urged to work towards transforming ourselves and others so that we may find our true identity in A New Human.
To be able to read A New Human you will need the courage to plunge deep within the often mythological and symbolic language. Besides, there is no other language to describe multi-dimensional reality. However, once within the depths one is able to discern a beauty and freedom . Like the Buddha we are beckoned to become awakened. It is not an easy journey but it is a worthwhile journey. A New Human is well worth reading.

Malcolm J Hunt, Sydney February 2015
Neuromindfulness malcolmjhunt@gmail.com

This book chronicles vividly the journey of one woman through life and through the often turbulent and beguiling path of spiritual realisation, encountering many weird and wonderful events upon the way. It is written as a kaleidoscope of memory, reflection and introspection, modulating seamlessly between the poetic and the polemic, shifting through layers and landscapes of personal experience, investigation and feeling. It follows one woman’s determined and relentless quest for truth, in all domains. It ceaselessly questions the truth of our modern world and society as well as personal reality. This book is often wildly humorous, sometimes starkly serious, yet always steadfastly honest. It is especially relevant and important to all who tread the spiritual path, from all walks of life, for it details lucidly and authentically the other side of the awakening of consciousness, that is very rarely mentioned in the vast plethora of spiritual literature, particularly modern and popular offerings. It covers aspects of the darker side of the spiritual path, or of the serious dangers and pitfalls that await those who dare to walk ‘where angels fear to tread’. However though this perspective alone qualifies this book as essential reading, it is a multifaceted work, that contains meanings and clues for people at all stages of spiritual growth. Leaving all aside however, above all it makes for engrossing and highly enjoyable reading, as the author of this book documents a truly colourful life, full of intrigue and the mysterious twists and turns of fate. Moreover it is an exceptionally moving and inspiring portrayal of courage, integrity and faith in the face of extreme adversity.

Mr Kahn Baker 27th November 2014

A Multidimensional ParadigmA Multidimensional Paradigm 1

A Multidimensional Paradigm by Avril Meyler. Human beings need to revise their understanding of what they are and what the purpose of their lives is. This is inevitably a progressive journey which may span a lifetime. Avril systematically guides the reader through a series of simple revaluations which help explain what you are, which in turn seamlessly transforms into new purpose. In particular she helps the reader revaluate their sense of “S-Elf” and shows how to replace it with a more loving self-image. The book ends by making readers aware that to truly see the reality of what is occurring, the next step must be to become proficient with out of body projection, which of course is lubricated by unconditional love. In summary, this book will be a helpful stepping stone on the development path for many souls facing the practical challenges of being incarnate in human form.

David McCready: Great Simulator Earth Training. 20th February 2015

A wonderfully clear and concise introduction to the work and thought of Avril Meyler, who is a, outstandingly unique persona in the world of modern spiritual literature. Unlike her counterparts who either tend towards blanket positivism, or on the other side darn-right cynicism or paranoia, Meyler elucidates a comprehensive and honest, multifaceted presentation of both personal and collective spiritual evolution, that details the highs and the lows, the ups and the downs, the light and dark areas, that await all those who walk the road of spiritual awakening. Meyler’s work navigates carefully through the precarious path of spiritual development, highlighting and helping to avoid as well as heal from common deceptions and dangers, that are to be found in current new-age or ‘spiritual’ circles as well as in society and the world at large. Mr Kahn Baker  27th November Amazon Kindle Review

Print Edition  A New Human

Print Edition  A Multidimensional Paradigm


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