"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Out of Body Experiences

out of body image

Discovering the conscious “i” out of the body.

Robert Monroe was the pioneer of providing information on the Out of Body Experience. It is his books that provided me with the knowledge and confidence to know that I was not losing my mind whilst experiencing similar phenomena.

As with many “synchronicities” his information appeared to me at the right time. I had just made an appointment with a psychiatrist due to the extreme experiences I was having on an almost nightly basis when I located one of his books “Journeys Out of the Body.”

Whilst Monroe’s work appears to be at the cutting edge on this subject, this phenomenon has been known and practiced consciously for thousands of years by shamans, astral travelers, medicine men and women as well as adepts of Egyptian and many other dynasties.

My own experience was similar to Monroe’s in as much as I never consciously willed this to happen. It was a spontaneous incident that was the beginning of a journey into a multidimensional reality. The specifics of the journeys are less important than the journey itself. We all have a guidance system built into our consciousness and at a certain stage in our evolution, this system may activate and cause events to occur that catalyze our knowledge and evolution. It is not everyone’s remit to have these experiences at this point in their lives. This phenomena can also occur as the result of trauma or the taking of mind altering substances.

 “Depersonalization Disorder:” the diagnosis that is often given to a person undergoing such a phenomena when consulting some Mental Health Professionals subordinates a person’s  soul/spiritual/etheric body. Diagnosis from this materialistic viewpoint is ultimately damaging to patients who may very well be undergoing an Awakening. By Awakening I refer to a realisation that we are much more than the human body, that the world around us is a construct of information that has defined our reality.

The experience progresses in stages as with any educational system. One starts in infant school and eventually graduates to high school and then University, discovering more complex information as one progresses. My initial experience was seeing myself walking up the wall and across the ceiling of the room where my physical body lay. This eventually progressed over the following years to visiting time zones and realities definitely not of this Earth, one such incident saw me experiencing incidents of spiritual battles, a subject more detailed in the book

A New Human

Experiences led me to research information relevant to the incidents that were occurring during the OOBE (Out of Body Experience). From the onset these OOBIES changed the whole of my life. I changed my career which had been based around finance and marketing into Holism, writing and Volunteering.

I was still a novice, whilst it appeared in the reality I was surrounded with then, as at the cutting edge of a multidimensional experience, I have discovered since that this phenomena was far from new. Is there anything new in the world today?

Perhaps it only seems new because our memories of other places, other dimensions, other realities and time zones have by necessity been cut off from us for our own protection. Too much experience of altered realities can send an unbalanced person into a psychiatric unit. It would auger well for clinical psychologists and the medical profession generally to become educated on the OOBE phenomena, then perhaps instead of sedating folks with medications that often have debilitating side effects, they could hold and contain the individual whilst they integrate and ground their experience.

Since the age of information is well underway it is only a matter of time before this subject is given credence and not viewed as “alternative” by mainstream investigators.

As I write this some twenty-six years since the very beginning of my OOBIES, I am filled with gratitude for being guided through what appeared at times to be quite a perilous journey. There were periods when some of these experiences seriously affected my waking reality. But I was not left in the dark for long periods as the guidance from other realities manifested in form to reassure me that I was not alone.

If you have accessed this article you are clearly interested in the subject and may even be experiencing similar phenomena and researching the subject. Whilst my book A New Human gives a personal account of these journeys, for more impersonal and researched information you will find credible information on the Robert Monroe Institute Website.

In the meantime trust your experiences but be circumspect on who you share them with. Until one is grounded and integrated into a multidimensional experience one can be subject to ridicule and derision from those who misunderstand and who have their own belief system to protect, and so  feel threatened about what they do not understand.

Should you find your own journey going quicker than your physical human body can cope with it does no harm nor will it slow up your progress to say “Stop.” Also should you encounter phenomena that feels threatening, call upon Love, Power and Wisdom to protect and lead you. You will develop symbols and skills to navigate around this multidimensional universe that are personal to you. But remember you are here in human incarnation to further your human experience and therefore it is not useful to misuse the ability to go out of the body as a way to abdicate personal responsibility for the human incarnation.

In the meantime “Happy Travels………”


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