"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

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The Smoke Screen of Life

cigarette_smoke_embers_2398481990 was a pivotal year for me three years after my marriage collapsed my business began to falter. All my outer material structures were changing but the inner changes were taking longer. I was into my tenth attempt at giving up smoking. My previous attempts had been thwarted by the increased stress levels due to the above, or that was my convenient excuse; ‘the time is not right’ I murmured, as I guiltily lit my second cigarette of the day. I was a practicing Holistic Practitioner trying to be a good role model, yet I was powerless to beat my addictive nature and its craving. What I’d failed to admit for some considerable time was smoking was becoming an embarrassment, but not strong enough to combat the addiction. For two years I swung between the wavering ‘will’ of ‘i can do this; i must do this; i need to do this,’ to needing the smoke as well as a dependant relationship with a co-conspirator smoker. As social animals we gravitate towards those who share our addictions; likewise we can also gravitate towards those that encourage and support our healthy evolution. (more…)


Perception Deception

“The times they are achanging…………..” so goes the words of a timeless song. When east meets west, when the new age and the conspiracy theorists get into bed together, when the pragmatists hug the spiritualists, when dark becomes light and light acknowledges the darkness……and finding all this within – you get the message…?

Light, Flight, Freedom and Shadow

A very good friend who decided he did not want to be my friend anymore because I asked too many hard questions, once said to me

“Avril part of our teaching in Judaism, teaches that we hold two conflicting paradoxes at the same time”

That to me speaks of personal responsibility. When we cease to out project our darkness and see the “other” as the enemy then so we begin to take personal responsibility for our lives and the betterment of the collective.

A time comes when one needs to stop searching for the outer teacher and begin a relationship with the inner teacher. This is often the result of encountering a true deep healing. (more…)

Our Political Elite

Still Imprisoned

Still Imprisoned!

We have just entered a period of excessive political hype as leaders of all political parties in the UK launch their Manifestos for the upcoming elections in May 2015.

Anyone who has lived long enough, researched and had a lot of experience of life on planet Earth must greet this with a large degree of skepticism. Given that we have not collectively forgotten the denial of the “will of the people” who demonstrated in their millions world wide against invading Iraq in 2003, the suspicious deaths of Princess Diane and Dr David Kelly; the fact that our country is not self governed due to it being into trillions of debt and therefore “owned” by the creditors, add to this the almost complete disconnect of our leaders from the working populations, then it is surprising that anyone turns out to vote at all. (more…)

Right Use of Energy

When we first encounter psychic phenomena, altered reality or ecstatic spiritual experiences it changes our energy field. Where once we were locked into a “what we see, hear or feel is all there is” paradigm, we now experience a more fluid multidimensional reality.

We may not have invited this perspective into our lives. Or, we may have taken substances to deliberately alter our reality, or perhaps we have invited these experiences through practices of meditation, yoga or other spiritual techniques.

Whichever method brought us to experience a multidimensional reality we will notice a distinct shift in our energy field. Where once we could spend hours working in an environment that we found tedious or difficult, but we did it because it put the bread on the table, we will no longer be able to sustain the energy required to do this without seriously compromising our health. (more…)

Climbing the Multidimensional Mountain

Means a change of intent and motivation.DSC00088

Climbing the Multidimensional Mountain is not unlike any other mountain we may climb. First we must want to do it. Second we need to train to do it. Third we need to be prepared for challenges, difficulties and ecstasies.

Climbing my mountain started as my marriage broke-up. This event catalyzed a whole change of perspective, motivation and intent. Some of the journey is recorded in various articles on the website and most of it is in my book

A New Human


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