"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

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Messages – but not from God….

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1. Leave me Alone, I am Reaching My Goal.
2. Fuck You!
3. Namaste Bitches!
4. It’s Not Me, It’s You!
5. Keep Fucking and Rock The World!

Nothing subtle then?

This is just a small sample of the T-Shirt messages worn by people I encountered throughout my time in Mexico. They were worn by a combination of tourists from far and wide.

“You’re Stronger Than You Think and Braver Than You Feel.”

That’s the message card I carried around with me to give me encouragement.

There is no denying I am sad for humanity. Despite this I have encountered some kind and warm hearted people on my travels. (more…)


E-Mail to a Friend

Enlightening Strike

Enlightening Strike

I know why I’ve been concerned and keen to get my book out and it’s the sadness that I have been with today that is informing me. Reading Paul’s book and seeing how his words, written differently and far more profound than anything that I could come up with yet it is reinforcing the same message and to use modern idiom;

We’re well and truly fucked!  Unless we Awaken!

He describes our world consciousness as being in the middle of a psychosis that can either cause a break down leading to an awakening or we get tipped over the edge.

He describes this that he “names” Wetiko (another name for evil but not as out there but in here inside us and only reflected outwards”). He e-mailed me having looked at my blog as I informed him I’d added a link to his site and he said he is in the middle of writing another book about his direct contact with “Wetiko” and how it talks about his personal encounters with evil, which actually helped him realize the dreamlike nature of reality; it triggered an eventual healing.

I picked up my own book again for about the hundredth time opened in anywhere and read simple clear language. Chapters on Guilt, Fear and Anger; all common themes running in most peoples lives or rather “running their lives” From Trust to Knowing; Heart and Rainbows; What’s not to understand about that?  There are thousands of people who have and are awakening to see the world we are creating as not being fit for Human habitation, yet they are not being heard, because most people do not have the capacity to “take any of it in” because they are spinning so fast around the wheel of survival or denial, maybe both, not knowing it’s all a dream; remaining asleep until they awaken and begin to question what they are doing and why. (more…)

Social Networking Sites

L&A ocean view   About 2 years ago I wrote an article Social Networking – Useful and Progressive or Harmful and Regressive?  It was written following 6 months only of using Facebook. I then joined Linked-In and one of their social groups. Then suddenly and unexpectedly 12 months ago I became heavily involved in Humanitarian Work in India, resulting in writing Mission Neha, available as a free download on this site.  Following this I deactivated my connections with Facebook; actually you cannot completely deactivate, but I stopped using it; and I also deactivated Linked-In and concentrated on completing an autobiography A New Human that I started in 1998, but due to a lack of confidence I wasn’t ready to open my life at such a deep level to the public given that it contained uncensored material that challenges much misinformation circulating in many Spiritual and New Age circles; a subject for another article. (more…)

Voluntary Work – A Way of Compassion

  graphic image for article on voluntary work It wasn’t until I undertook voluntary work in India that I developed compassion, despite many years consciously traveling the Multidimensional Spiritual Path. I have since dropped identification with the word spiritual. Like the God word it is misused, abused and misinterpreted.  It was through volunteering in India with street and slum kids that I really got an insight into abject poverty. It was moving to watch people who have nothing, and that face enormous challenges just to get through every day of grinding poverty, give back, by their attitude of resilience and courage, far more than they received from me. (more…)

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