"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

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Spiritual Healing Cannot Be Purchased

image for consumerism artilceI’ve recently been given a book by a friend to read called The Silence of the Heart by Paul Ferrini.  I’m about three quarters of the way through it and decided to “Google” him and located his website and once again I saw “Spiritual Healing for Sale” despite his wise and comforting “channelled” writings he is no different than the numerous other gurus/teachers who are cooly raking in millions of dollars selling their particular brand of spirituality.  Spiritual Retreats offering peace, tranquility and four or five star accommodation and the “presence” of the Master is the new cool thing to do or place to be.

I come from an old school of thought that “genuine spiritual teachings are free.”  I have been blessed/guided to those who would give freely of their time and energy teaching me what they knew from the relatively unknown to the now famous and celebrated Eckhart Tolle and David Icke. I took what felt right and left the rest and then added my own experiences to the pool of my knowledge. (more…)


Burning Away the Dross of Depression


For the past 18 months I have been confined to my home. For someone who is and has been an intrepid traveller for the past 20 years this has been something of a sea change.  The travel was my way of alleviating depression.  As soon as I caught that plane and started the unknown journey into a new culture and new experiences, often as a volunteer and travelling on a shoestring my depression lifted as the plane soared.  Often my journeys were only loosely planned, leaving plenty of space for the unexpected to unfold.

My depression I have come to understand has been the grace that suffering brings to motivate one to find ones joy.

Yet in the midst of that deep dark tunnel with no light and only the suffocating feeling of walls closing in on one the sense that this experience will turn into one of joyful discovery is as far from reality as one can get. (more…)

Suicide – The Ultimate Choice

Two years ago I was faced with the knowledge that two men aged between 45-55  made the ultimate choice from this tiny community in Mid-Wales and it caused me to face some uncomfortable truths. This article will give no enlightening answers or solve perplexing questions, only to reflect and share my own past re-occurring thoughts of suicide and how I overcame them. Whilst these two incidents focussed my mind on this subject a further 3 suicides all within the same time period came to my notice from friends and acquaintances.

“The problem with you is you think too much.” (more…)

How to Suppress Human Potential in 2 Easy Steps

I wrote an e-mail to a friend on the subject of mental health/illness

It's better to light one candle than curse the darkness

It’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness

and spiritual awakenings and I want to share part of that e-mail with you co-bloggers.

Anyway what I have been pondering on is the whole skewed issue on Mental Health/Illness. In short I believe that the societies we have and are continuing to create is driving people mad. Most of the “awakening encounters” I have come across is usually the result of extreme stress caused by a crisis arising in a materialistic society whereby the real sense and feeling of soulfulness is completely disregarded. For example when you visit or speak to an advisor of Centre Link is their approach to get you to fit in with their criteria for being a “productive money earning member of society” or is their approach holistic and they are mindful of your experience and want you to feel fulfilled in your chosen career/work?

Perhaps that is the whole purpose of being here so that we recognise and see through the inhumanness, soulless and insensitive materialistic society we are creating and so we awaken and think we can change it. But the sad reality is, I am reaching the conclusion we will never change it, because it is not meant to change. If the Divine Design is to teach us about Love/Divinity/God (in the non-religious non-dual sense including Buddhism) then how can we with soulful integrity “earn a living” in a sick society? (more…)

Failed Dreams


My books arrived from the US a few days ago via the excellent service of Create Space‘s POD service. No I’m not giving them a plug and I get no discount.  A Multidimensional Paradigm and A New Human have been available as digital formats through Amazon’s Kindle, but due to my lack of skills I have omitted to get them onto Smashwords etc. I tried but after a frustrating few days I gave up.

I suspect our aptitude for reading and digesting is being compromised by the fast evolving world of digital technology.  I have lost count of the number of times I have copied or ordered something onto my computer “to be read later ”  only to find later is still waiting for me!

There is a process in reading a physical book, a full body engagement is implemented. The very action of physically touching, opening and actually sitting down for an hour or more to read a book causes a depth of focus and intent that I believe does not exist with digital versions.  I may be speaking from a traditional aspect as reading for me was always physical and I appreciate the younger generation now learns from computers almost as soon as they learn to walk.  We have yet to see the result of this and I’m unsure how useful this learning style is. (more…)

A Good Friday Conundrum?

Spring has Sprung

Who are we? What are we? These questions recently arose in a meeting I attended. They were put aside for future reference, something to look at, maybe even have a group discussion about.

Yet these questions could be the most important ones we ever ask. Who we are changes over time as we undertake changing roles from childhood to adulthood passing through education (read indoctrination), becoming a lover, worker, husband, wife, partner, parent, grandparent and then……another question arises, where to after this?

Where do we go when we leave the body? Where were we before we entered the body? Did our life come about through an accident in a passionate moment or were we planned and expected? (more…)


Is depression an illness or simply time for a reality check?Tulips

Some 11 years ago I was diagnosed as suffering from clinical depression. This came following twenty years of life experiences during which I got married and divorced three times, one of those saw me placed into a shelter for battered wives; I moved house twenty times in 13 years and found myself penniless, jobless and homeless following whistle blowing whilst working for a care concern service provider. Seven of these twenty years saw me have regular psychic and multidimensional phenomena that often saw me leave the body and explore other dimensional realities. You will find details of this in my autobiography A New Human.     (more…)

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