"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

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What is your Mission in Life?

Multidimensionalreality.wordpress.com for FacebookWhat is your Mission in Life?  Where the soul leads………..

Recent travel here in Mexico has brought me into contact with people who clearly are living their “Mission.” Living one’s mission is not something that is taught to us in school. We are taught the essentials to survive economically but rarely if ever is the soul or spirit included in any information we are given. I realised last evening that Mexico is my 32nd country I have travelled in during the past couple of decades. These decades have been my greatest education and taught me far more than any formal education I have received. The travel, together with my life experience has brought me to understand what my mission is here and how I conduct that mission.

It was the words from a massage therapist in Campeche following receiving the best massage I have ever received in my life that inspired this article. As I thanked her for the session I’d just had and expressed in Pigeon Spanish how it was the best massage I’d ever received she said

“It is my mission.” She also runs a vegetarian café and sells crystals. Through a translator I shared with her my experience of using Moldavite, a crystal that is said to contain unique properties and originates from another planetary system and a huge piece fell to earth many thousands of years ago. Whether this is true or not who can say? What I can share with you at the risk of digressing away from the subject of this article, is the experience I had the first time I used it. (more…)


Perception Deception

“The times they are achanging…………..” so goes the words of a timeless song. When east meets west, when the new age and the conspiracy theorists get into bed together, when the pragmatists hug the spiritualists, when dark becomes light and light acknowledges the darkness……and finding all this within – you get the message…?

Light, Flight, Freedom and Shadow

A very good friend who decided he did not want to be my friend anymore because I asked too many hard questions, once said to me

“Avril part of our teaching in Judaism, teaches that we hold two conflicting paradoxes at the same time”

That to me speaks of personal responsibility. When we cease to out project our darkness and see the “other” as the enemy then so we begin to take personal responsibility for our lives and the betterment of the collective.

A time comes when one needs to stop searching for the outer teacher and begin a relationship with the inner teacher. This is often the result of encountering a true deep healing. (more…)

Failed Dreams


My books arrived from the US a few days ago via the excellent service of Create Space‘s POD service. No I’m not giving them a plug and I get no discount.  A Multidimensional Paradigm and A New Human have been available as digital formats through Amazon’s Kindle, but due to my lack of skills I have omitted to get them onto Smashwords etc. I tried but after a frustrating few days I gave up.

I suspect our aptitude for reading and digesting is being compromised by the fast evolving world of digital technology.  I have lost count of the number of times I have copied or ordered something onto my computer “to be read later ”  only to find later is still waiting for me!

There is a process in reading a physical book, a full body engagement is implemented. The very action of physically touching, opening and actually sitting down for an hour or more to read a book causes a depth of focus and intent that I believe does not exist with digital versions.  I may be speaking from a traditional aspect as reading for me was always physical and I appreciate the younger generation now learns from computers almost as soon as they learn to walk.  We have yet to see the result of this and I’m unsure how useful this learning style is. (more…)

Right Use of Energy

When we first encounter psychic phenomena, altered reality or ecstatic spiritual experiences it changes our energy field. Where once we were locked into a “what we see, hear or feel is all there is” paradigm, we now experience a more fluid multidimensional reality.

We may not have invited this perspective into our lives. Or, we may have taken substances to deliberately alter our reality, or perhaps we have invited these experiences through practices of meditation, yoga or other spiritual techniques.

Whichever method brought us to experience a multidimensional reality we will notice a distinct shift in our energy field. Where once we could spend hours working in an environment that we found tedious or difficult, but we did it because it put the bread on the table, we will no longer be able to sustain the energy required to do this without seriously compromising our health. (more…)

Climbing the Multidimensional Mountain

Means a change of intent and motivation.DSC00088

Climbing the Multidimensional Mountain is not unlike any other mountain we may climb. First we must want to do it. Second we need to train to do it. Third we need to be prepared for challenges, difficulties and ecstasies.

Climbing my mountain started as my marriage broke-up. This event catalyzed a whole change of perspective, motivation and intent. Some of the journey is recorded in various articles on the website and most of it is in my book

A New Human


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