"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

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Addiction? Or Simply Soul Displacement?

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This graphic image illustrates how in one generation we have swung from a World Wide focus on the starvation crisis in Ethiopia as demonstrated by Live Aid and Bob Geldolf’s demands to end poverty and death by starvation in 1985, to a World Wide focus on an obesity crisis. It is clear that comfortable living and improved lifestyle choices has not necessarily enhanced our understanding of ourselves, and it is this lack of self knowledge and holistic approach to our health and needs that has led to obesity; quote from WHO (World Health Organisation) (more…)


The Smoke Screen of Life

cigarette_smoke_embers_2398481990 was a pivotal year for me three years after my marriage collapsed my business began to falter. All my outer material structures were changing but the inner changes were taking longer. I was into my tenth attempt at giving up smoking. My previous attempts had been thwarted by the increased stress levels due to the above, or that was my convenient excuse; ‘the time is not right’ I murmured, as I guiltily lit my second cigarette of the day. I was a practicing Holistic Practitioner trying to be a good role model, yet I was powerless to beat my addictive nature and its craving. What I’d failed to admit for some considerable time was smoking was becoming an embarrassment, but not strong enough to combat the addiction. For two years I swung between the wavering ‘will’ of ‘i can do this; i must do this; i need to do this,’ to needing the smoke as well as a dependant relationship with a co-conspirator smoker. As social animals we gravitate towards those who share our addictions; likewise we can also gravitate towards those that encourage and support our healthy evolution. (more…)

The Mental Illness Conspiracy

Recent experience is causing me to question the whole Mental Illness paradigm which I recently described to a colleague as ” a complete f—— mess.one-in-four

Let me take you back a few years to when I began to really understand that my own “awakening” was not a mental illness but a call to accept that I was a unique spark of consciousness having a human experience in a multidimensional universe. Doubtless repeating this in front of a DSM indoctrinated psychiatrist would get me labelled as Schizophrenic and were I to go on to explain that

“actually my here and now consciousness has activated an ability to time travel and I have accessed what others call “past lives” but which I see as merely another aspect of a multidimensional reality”

would have me being offered drugs to contain and stunt my psychotic tendencies. (more…)

Spiritual Healing Cannot Be Purchased

image for consumerism artilceI’ve recently been given a book by a friend to read called The Silence of the Heart by Paul Ferrini.  I’m about three quarters of the way through it and decided to “Google” him and located his website and once again I saw “Spiritual Healing for Sale” despite his wise and comforting “channelled” writings he is no different than the numerous other gurus/teachers who are cooly raking in millions of dollars selling their particular brand of spirituality.  Spiritual Retreats offering peace, tranquility and four or five star accommodation and the “presence” of the Master is the new cool thing to do or place to be.

I come from an old school of thought that “genuine spiritual teachings are free.”  I have been blessed/guided to those who would give freely of their time and energy teaching me what they knew from the relatively unknown to the now famous and celebrated Eckhart Tolle and David Icke. I took what felt right and left the rest and then added my own experiences to the pool of my knowledge. (more…)

Suicide – The Ultimate Choice

Two years ago I was faced with the knowledge that two men aged between 45-55  made the ultimate choice from this tiny community in Mid-Wales and it caused me to face some uncomfortable truths. This article will give no enlightening answers or solve perplexing questions, only to reflect and share my own past re-occurring thoughts of suicide and how I overcame them. Whilst these two incidents focussed my mind on this subject a further 3 suicides all within the same time period came to my notice from friends and acquaintances.

“The problem with you is you think too much.” (more…)

Dangerous Consumerism

GDP. The expression used by politicians, financiers, and commercial business, it stands for Gross Domestic Products.Materialism in China

It is used as a measurement for how well we are doing, in other words, how much we are producing and consuming.

“Consumerism is more dangerous than a nuclear bomb” said a certain Avatar.

To keep up levels of production and consumption, it is necessary to keep our appetites for material goods at an optimum level. For this to work we must be kept constantly dissatisfied, our emotions abused and our minds controlled. Jim Keith calls it

“Mass Engineering of Human Consciousness.” (more…)

Social Networking Sites

L&A ocean view   About 2 years ago I wrote an article Social Networking – Useful and Progressive or Harmful and Regressive?  It was written following 6 months only of using Facebook. I then joined Linked-In and one of their social groups. Then suddenly and unexpectedly 12 months ago I became heavily involved in Humanitarian Work in India, resulting in writing Mission Neha, available as a free download on this site.  Following this I deactivated my connections with Facebook; actually you cannot completely deactivate, but I stopped using it; and I also deactivated Linked-In and concentrated on completing an autobiography A New Human that I started in 1998, but due to a lack of confidence I wasn’t ready to open my life at such a deep level to the public given that it contained uncensored material that challenges much misinformation circulating in many Spiritual and New Age circles; a subject for another article. (more…)

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