"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung


Love of a Blind Girl

When you love, you always risk pain. The more deeply you love, the greater the risk you will be hurt. Yet to live your life without loving is not to have lived at all. As deeply as you open to life, so deeply will life open to you. So there is a lovely symmetry and proportion between grief and love. From Eternal Echoes by John O’Donahue.

Love, true love, has no barriers, cannot be defended against, does not attack, justify or judge. It is, whether we are present to its energy or not. Many think love is a feeling, whilst one can sense love’s energy it is beyond feeling. The essence of love is indescribable and the best we can do is say what it is not.

We arrive on this planet an open vessel ready to be filled and whilst we may have many tasks imprinted into our soul’s blue print the ultimate journey is the one back to love.

Sometimes that journey can take us through levels of pain that shatters the mind, traumatizes the emotional body and can even seem to destroy us spiritually. Maybe that is the depth we need to go before we become strong enough to sustain loves energy.

Love is the strongest and most profound energy that some call God and if we are full of personal ideas, expectations, pre-programmed conditions, and pre-conceived ideas of what love is, what room is there for the strongest energy in the Universe?

Perhaps it is this energy that through its healing pOwer causes our lower conditioned mind to shatter thus making way for Universal Compassion.

What we call Love at this time in our current evolution is a sad reflection of true love, often a compromise of wants needs and unrealistic expectations, that according to recent figures frequently ends in divorce or years of abject misery.

I thought I knew something about Love then I was presented with a “call” to act on my deepest of feelings of love even though it would render me penniless, take me away from a life of ease and eventually affect my health.  The full story of this event that changed the way I view love can be downloaded FREE here.


The Value of Silence

The Value of Silence – going beyond the mindIn-Between Worlds

There are varying levels of silence from the stonewalling of a negative reaction, to the sublime Samadhi of meditation. Not forgetting the negative silence of complicity that allows all kinds of evil to prevail.

But the silence that I speak of is that which permeates ones whole being no matter what circumstances prevail.

Many people are uncomfortable with silence, in fact for some it is anathema, and so they fill the silence with aimless chatter and distracting pursuits.

It is not really the practice of silence that achieves this sacred space, but practicing mindfulness, that allows one to observe the silence that is a constant.

In 1995 following a turbulent emotional period in my life I decided to take a month long pilgrimage by walking the “Way of St James” otherwise known as “El Campesino” the famous pilgrim’s route to “Santiago De Compestela” through Northern Spain. Read the rest of this entry »

A New Human

ANH with Flowers

We live in a strange world when what is perceived as wisdom and giftedness in one culture is perceived, diagnosed, labelled and medically treated as a psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar or other mental health disorder in another.
In 1984 the Author’s world as she knew it collapsed, her material, emotional, and mental being underwent a complete shattering before being re-built into A New Human.

This event caused her once stable identity as Director of a Finance Company and Advertising Executive to transform into a “wacky” multidimensional time traveller. Although it took many years of research and meetings with various now famous spiritual and conspiracy “gurus” for that understanding to hit her. Once it did and she realised she had overcome a huge process without medication and psychiatric intervention she made it her mission to write about the experiences, so that others may benefit from her “madness” in order to manage their own transformation.

Everyone will undergo this at sometime in their lives, but not in the same way, each person’s transformation will be unique and with the right kind of support and understanding the process can be less traumatic than the Authors. It was quite a while before she undertood the effect of her experiences had caused PTSD during which she collapsed with ME. That was a gift and enabled her to ground enough to emerge into the being that sits here and writes today. Now she is conscious, now she is aware, now she knows who she really is, and that is a spark of Divine Consciousness that is on a mission as a Multidimensional Time Traveller.

There is nothing hidden, everything has been laid wide open for everyone to decide for themselves, was she a psychotic making up stories or had she really undergone a transformation that resulted in her claiming the status of A New Human?

We are all familiar with the term “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” An expression arising from a tale told of a young boy who in his innocence declared aloud during a parade by the ruling King of the Realm, where everyone had to bow down to the King’s will.

“The Emperor Wears No Clothes!” as all around him bowed low and refused to see the obvious, much less name it.

The ruled had been indoctrinated into believing the King was dressed in full regalia and no-one dared to challenge his nakedness except this young innocent.

When anything unseen and hidden is causing problems either within a society at large or as is often the case within the immediate family, first you have to name it. Until something is named there is no possibility of resolving it. Whilst people around the “hidden issue or situation” pretend there is nothing wrong, the hidden gets power. Read the rest of this entry »

Recent experience is causing me to question the whole Mental Illness paradigm which I recently described to a colleague as ” a complete f—— mess.one-in-four

Let me take you back a few years to when I began to really understand that my own “awakening” was not a mental illness but a call to accept that I was a unique spark of consciousness having a human experience in a multidimensional universe. Doubtless repeating this in front of a DSM indoctrinated psychiatrist would get me labelled as Schizophrenic and were I to go on to explain that

“actually my here and now consciousness has activated an ability to time travel and I have accessed what others call “past lives” but which I see as merely another aspect of a multidimensional reality”

would have me being offered drugs to contain and stunt my psychotic tendencies. Read the rest of this entry »

Are We Enslaved or Free? – Programmed humans or free spirits?

A journey through South East Asia has caused me to question the meaning and purpose of human existence. This will not be for the first time, but perceptions change along with the questions.

The brutality that has scarred the nations of Cambodia and Vietnam with the USA’s major involvement, particularly in the latter when they lost the war with Vietnam has brought into question facts that cause many to turn away from addressing. Read the rest of this entry »

image for consumerism artilceI’ve recently been given a book by a friend to read called The Silence of the Heart by Paul Ferrini.  I’m about three quarters of the way through it and decided to “Google” him and located his website and once again I saw “Spiritual Healing for Sale” despite his wise and comforting “channelled” writings he is no different than the numerous other gurus/teachers who are cooly raking in millions of dollars selling their particular brand of spirituality.  Spiritual Retreats offering peace, tranquility and four or five star accommodation and the “presence” of the Master is the new cool thing to do or place to be.

I come from an old school of thought that “genuine spiritual teachings are free.”  I have been blessed/guided to those who would give freely of their time and energy teaching me what they knew from the relatively unknown to the now famous and celebrated Eckhart Tolle and David Icke. I took what felt right and left the rest and then added my own experiences to the pool of my knowledge. Read the rest of this entry »

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