"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

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We are all familiar with the term “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” An expression arising from a tale told of a young boy who in his innocence declared aloud during a parade by the ruling King of the Realm, where everyone had to bow down to the King’s will.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes!” as all around him bowed low and refused to see the obvious, much less name it.

The ruled had been indoctrinated into believing the King was dressed in full regalia and no-one dared to challenge his nakedness except this young innocent.

When anything unseen and hidden is causing problems either within a society at large or as is sometimes the case within the immediate family, first you have to name it. Until something is named there is no possibility of resolving it. Whilst people around the “hidden issue or situation” pretend there is nothing wrong, the hidden gets power.

Naming a problem that everyone around is trying to cover up takes courage. Whistle Blowers often do this. Child abusers rely on the hidden, look what has happened within many establishments in the UK over endemic child sex abuse, currently subject of a major enquiry, some of which goes back years.

It takes courage to name something when everyone around you is accepting something as being “normal” or “O.K.” There is tremendous psychic pressure to keep the status quo, to not upset the apple cart. More so when one’s livelihood depends on such silence or in the case of family, one’s sense of belonging is at stake. Recent Hollywood revelations illustrates this graphically.

But we remain silent at the cost of the Soul’s Integrity. Do we want to spend our years racked with guilt or denial because we did not speak when we needed to?

By our silence we are complicit.

The current endemic exposure of major aid charities here in the UK and their cover-up of their workers abuse of the vulnerable they were supposed to be helping, is sadly another tragic example.  I would like to be proved wrong, but I suspect this is the tip of the iceberg and we will, over the coming months and possibly years see events unfold that will continue to shock, if we have not desensitised to the plethora of exposures.

Now more than ever before we need to collectively find the courage to speak out when we know there is behaviour being covered up that harms others.  We need to move from a position of “covering our own backs ” to uncovering the facts. In other words, the time for “minding one’s own business” is coming to an end.  Whistleblowers Unite, the rallying call needed as we move into this turbulent year.

I have personally been a whistleblower, just as I finished  writing   A New Human

I needed to find paid work and accommodation as I had been given notice by my landlord.  I moved to London as a support worker to vulnerable individuals. This was a residential post.  Within 4 months I discovered financial and emotional abuse affecting a service user.. Reporting this caused me to be ostracised and my immediate line manager falsely accuse me of a wrongdoing which was totally fabricated, as a way to distract me from continuing with my allegations.  Eventually it was proved and the police and social services became involved and I learned after I had left that new procedure were put in place and the employee concerned called to account.   Doing this saw me become homeless. I had contacted a whistleblowers helpline and given the advice, “you have nothing to lose”  when it was clear that I could not continue working for this company.

It was not easy.  I was alone with what I was doing. But I was told by an ex-employee that “this kind of thing is endemic but everyone covers it up because they are frightened of losing their jobs”. 

The personal homelessness I experienced?  Ah well that is another story and would take many more pages to tell.  Methinks the time is fast approaching when my next book will be written, which I have been reluctant to start because my shed still has 60 unsold current books. I’m a good writer but hopeless at self promotion and marketing for sales.

I’ve had writers block for many a moon now.  I suspect some internal processes are occuring which may see the flow begin again………………


Addiction? Or Simply Soul Displacement?

graphic image for article on voluntary work

This graphic image illustrates how in one generation we have swung from a World Wide focus on the starvation crisis in Ethiopia as demonstrated by Live Aid and Bob Geldolf’s demands to end poverty and death by starvation in 1985, to a World Wide focus on an obesity crisis. It is clear that comfortable living and improved lifestyle choices has not necessarily enhanced our understanding of ourselves, and it is this lack of self knowledge and holistic approach to our health and needs that has led to obesity; quote from WHO (World Health Organisation) (more…)

Messages – but not from God….

Cenote image

1. Leave me Alone, I am Reaching My Goal.
2. Fuck You!
3. Namaste Bitches!
4. It’s Not Me, It’s You!
5. Keep Fucking and Rock The World!

Nothing subtle then?

This is just a small sample of the T-Shirt messages worn by people I encountered throughout my time in Mexico. They were worn by a combination of tourists from far and wide.

“You’re Stronger Than You Think and Braver Than You Feel.”

That’s the message card I carried around with me to give me encouragement.

There is no denying I am sad for humanity. Despite this I have encountered some kind and warm hearted people on my travels. (more…)

The Smoke Screen of Life

cigarette_smoke_embers_2398481990 was a pivotal year for me three years after my marriage collapsed my business began to falter. All my outer material structures were changing but the inner changes were taking longer. I was into my tenth attempt at giving up smoking. My previous attempts had been thwarted by the increased stress levels due to the above, or that was my convenient excuse; ‘the time is not right’ I murmured, as I guiltily lit my second cigarette of the day. I was a practicing Holistic Practitioner trying to be a good role model, yet I was powerless to beat my addictive nature and its craving. What I’d failed to admit for some considerable time was smoking was becoming an embarrassment, but not strong enough to combat the addiction. For two years I swung between the wavering ‘will’ of ‘i can do this; i must do this; i need to do this,’ to needing the smoke as well as a dependant relationship with a co-conspirator smoker. As social animals we gravitate towards those who share our addictions; likewise we can also gravitate towards those that encourage and support our healthy evolution. (more…)


Love of a Blind Girl

When you love, you always risk pain. The more deeply you love, the greater the risk you will be hurt. Yet to live your life without loving is not to have lived at all. As deeply as you open to life, so deeply will life open to you. So there is a lovely symmetry and proportion between grief and love. From Eternal Echoes by John O’Donahue.

Love, true love, has no barriers, cannot be defended against, does not attack, justify or judge. It is, whether we are present to its energy or not. Many think love is a feeling, whilst one can sense love’s energy it is beyond feeling. The essence of love is indescribable and the best we can do is say what it is not.

We arrive on this planet an open vessel ready to be filled and whilst we may have many tasks imprinted into our soul’s blue print the ultimate journey is the one back to love.

Sometimes that journey can take us through levels of pain that shatters the mind, traumatizes the emotional body and can even seem to destroy us spiritually. Maybe that is the depth we need to go before we become strong enough to sustain loves energy.

Love is the strongest and most profound energy that some call God and if we are full of personal ideas, expectations, pre-programmed conditions, and pre-conceived ideas of what love is, what room is there for the strongest energy in the Universe?

Perhaps it is this energy that through its healing pOwer causes our lower conditioned mind to shatter thus making way for Universal Compassion.

What we call Love at this time in our current evolution is a sad reflection of true love, often a compromise of wants needs and unrealistic expectations, that according to recent figures frequently ends in divorce or years of abject misery.

I thought I knew something about Love then I was presented with a “call” to act on my deepest of feelings of love even though it would render me penniless, take me away from a life of ease and eventually affect my health.  The full story of this event that changed the way I view love can be downloaded FREE here.

Psychiatric Dumbing Down


Where Are We?

It is a well-known and accepted given in many psychological schools of thought that humans operate at different levels of consciousness, often referred to as being asleep or awake. You have heard the expression
“Asleep with eyes wide open.”

I first encountered teachings on this subject whilst attending a Practical Philosophy Course, some 30 years ago. It placed into conceptual form feelings I’d had that

“most of us here are the walking dead.” (more…)

How to Suppress Human Potential in 2 Easy Steps

I wrote an e-mail to a friend on the subject of mental health/illness

It's better to light one candle than curse the darkness

It’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness

and spiritual awakenings and I want to share part of that e-mail with you co-bloggers.

Anyway what I have been pondering on is the whole skewed issue on Mental Health/Illness. In short I believe that the societies we have and are continuing to create is driving people mad. Most of the “awakening encounters” I have come across is usually the result of extreme stress caused by a crisis arising in a materialistic society whereby the real sense and feeling of soulfulness is completely disregarded. For example when you visit or speak to an advisor of Centre Link is their approach to get you to fit in with their criteria for being a “productive money earning member of society” or is their approach holistic and they are mindful of your experience and want you to feel fulfilled in your chosen career/work?

Perhaps that is the whole purpose of being here so that we recognise and see through the inhumanness, soulless and insensitive materialistic society we are creating and so we awaken and think we can change it. But the sad reality is, I am reaching the conclusion we will never change it, because it is not meant to change. If the Divine Design is to teach us about Love/Divinity/God (in the non-religious non-dual sense including Buddhism) then how can we with soulful integrity “earn a living” in a sick society? (more…)

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