"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

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The Smoke Screen of Life

cigarette_smoke_embers_2398481990 was a pivotal year for me three years after my marriage collapsed my business began to falter. All my outer material structures were changing but the inner changes were taking longer. I was into my tenth attempt at giving up smoking. My previous attempts had been thwarted by the increased stress levels due to the above, or that was my convenient excuse; ‘the time is not right’ I murmured, as I guiltily lit my second cigarette of the day. I was a practicing Holistic Practitioner trying to be a good role model, yet I was powerless to beat my addictive nature and its craving. What I’d failed to admit for some considerable time was smoking was becoming an embarrassment, but not strong enough to combat the addiction. For two years I swung between the wavering ‘will’ of ‘i can do this; i must do this; i need to do this,’ to needing the smoke as well as a dependant relationship with a co-conspirator smoker. As social animals we gravitate towards those who share our addictions; likewise we can also gravitate towards those that encourage and support our healthy evolution. (more…)


Loneliness – Stigma, Shame – or the Solitude of Grace?

Eden Project

Eden Project

Writers more than any others know by necessity both of the above. It is from where true creativity arises. When the words that are written come from a source beyond one, one finds it impossible to write simply for something to do.

For me and for many writers reading this, a piece of writing, article, letter or essay arises following considerable time spent in gestation. This can sometimes be likened to a descent into the abyss. It’s a two way process as I dive through some painful human experiences into the depth of my soul to discover the truth of a situation, then so my soul source will arise up to meet me. It’s like the meeting of old friends who have been separated for aeons. “Oh yes, I remember this feeling of “home”………….. wherein lays my heart.”
In a world where words issue forth in an endless and often mindless stream of trivial and banal comments, soundbites and attempts at communication, it is the true creator’s lot to remain silent and carry the stigma and shame of that isolating silence. (more…)

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