"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Cenote image

1. Leave me Alone, I am Reaching My Goal.
2. Fuck You!
3. Namaste Bitches!
4. It’s Not Me, It’s You!
5. Keep Fucking and Rock The World!

Nothing subtle then?

This is just a small sample of the T-Shirt messages worn by people I encountered throughout my time in Mexico. They were worn by a combination of tourists from far and wide.

“You’re Stronger Than You Think and Braver Than You Feel.”

That’s the message card I carried around with me to give me encouragement.

There is no denying I am sad for humanity. Despite this I have encountered some kind and warm hearted people on my travels.

This was my first travel experience for a long time that had not had voluntary work attached to it somewhere along the route. It has opened my eyes. I thought being a volunteer was an enlightening experience but simply travelling, observing and enjoying where and when those moments arise is much more. Has it served to make me wiser in the ways of the world? The jury is still out. One thing I am certain of and that is I am still unable to thrive in a commercially oriented world and my current level of sanity is the result of my retirement and refusal to attempt to re-establish myself back into that world that almost drove me insane; before I broke through to new yet timeless multidimensional reality.  The story of that has been painstakingly written in A New Human

It was not the experience I anticipated when I set off from the UK to avoid the depressingly dark and damp winter, but anticipation, like expectations, are two sides of the same coin and may have life enriching or life diminishing outcomes.

Apart from two bad doses of food poisoning, I descended rope and bamboo ladders deep into the Cenote caverns, enjoyed swimming in underground caves with their pure clear crystal waters. Prior to coming here I had never heard of the word ‘Cenotes’ let alone knew what they were. I have sailed through canyons and seen nature perform amazing artwork from her elements. I have viewed crocodiles up close – but not too close. I have walked through mango jungles and seen the effects nature has in colouring the clear waters. I have swum in the turquoise sea and walked along white sand beaches. I have cycled around villages and sat in places of worship lit with over a thousand candles and watched Mayan Villagers perform their blessing rituals; thanking their Deities for providing the food they eat and the water they drink.” I have had the experience of attending most of the free events within the Merida Festival, which included, Sound and Light shows; Operettas; Reggae Bands; dancing in the plaza; Drama; Marachi Dancers; Traditional Mexican Folk Performances; Traditional Sunday Markets and tasted the unique Marquesites as well as visited many pyramids and other historical Mayan and Aztec Sites.

In some of the outlying Mayan Villages and enclaves it is still the age of innocence where the world with its dog eat dog attitude has not quite penetrated, but this is changing. These same villagers have begun to generate goods for the tourist industry and they take them into highland cities such as San Cristobal to sell. Sadly this includes small children who have no education apart from that which is produced from their direct experiences of the world. They learn to count by accompanying their parents on their vending trips. They learn foreign languages by listening to tourists. They learn about other people from the tourists they encounter. How responsible does that make us as tourists feel? Small boys no older than 6 or 7 learn the art of perfect shoe cleaning. Children make friendship wrist bands as soon as their little fingers are dexterous enough to manage the threads. They learn to take nothing for granted and to feel gratitude every day for the gifts of food and water as they sit with their parents and watch them make their ritual offerings in the church of a thousand candles. They also learn to look appealing as they approach you to sell their products and I have in front of me two tiny dolls to prove I am not immune to that appealing look.

As we all know there is a grotesque unequal balance of resources in this world, not just between countries and cultures, but even within families. There are amongst families, the rich and the poor relation it is truly an enlightened family member who chooses to narow that imbalance; sadly it is rare. It is of course not a simple task to equal an imbalance. It is not only a matter of the rich giving to the poor it’s also a matter of the wealthy being compassionate and responsible by using their resources wisely; and the poor? They can learn from watching their richer brothers and sisters sell their souls, until such time as they are opened to compassionate action, and to not judge their brother or sister’s journey through life or what education they are here to experience. The poor can use the time they have wisely and learn that much of the world’s wealth is created by manipulation and control of resources, often at the cost of others well-being.

Whilst these travel experiences has further opened my eyes it has also been very lonely, but I do not think this is unique to me. I think loneliness is a human condition and drives us to addictions and unhealthy relationships. Every where I travelled these past few years I have encountered members or ex-members of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and recently an ex-member who attended AA for a number of years finally left and as she shared her story with me she said quote;

“I sought proper therapy to help me instead of replacing alcohol with AA rituals.”

A telling remark that caused me to do some research on AA. I have previously read some literature a convinced attender offered me once and it sounded like another religion. It certainly speaks of higher power and following whatever your idea is of God. But is it a cult? This question has been raised many times by previous researchers and some concluded that yes, AA is a cult. Is it preferable to be part of this cult than battling and losing to alcohol addiction? Only experienced users can tell you that.

However as is my want, I stray from the subject of the title “Messages – but not from God.”

The severe shortage of money I am experiencing here is producing this article, because instead of sitting on a white sanded beach on a lovely warm sunny day buying ice-cream, cold drinks and restaurant food I am sharing the other side of the tourism industry with you.

I could of course go deeper and deeper into overdrafts and credit card debts and have a ball on the beach, but I would still be lonely…………….money cannot buy love………………..


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