"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

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Recent travel here in Mexico has brought me into contact with people who clearly are living their “Mission.” Living one’s mission is not something that is taught to us in school. We are taught the essentials to survive economically but rarely if ever is the soul or spirit included in any information we are given. I realised last evening that Mexico is my 32nd country I have travelled in during the past couple of decades. These decades have been my greatest education and taught me far more than any formal education I have received. The travel, together with my life experience has brought me to understand what my mission is here and how I conduct that mission.

It was the words from a massage therapist in Campeche following receiving the best massage I have ever received in my life that inspired this article. As I thanked her for the session I’d just had and expressed in Pigeon Spanish how it was the best massage I’d ever received she said

“It is my mission.” She also runs a vegetarian café and sells crystals. Through a translator I shared with her my experience of using Moldavite, a crystal that is said to contain unique properties and originates from another planetary system and a huge piece fell to earth many thousands of years ago. Whether this is true or not who can say? What I can share with you at the risk of digressing away from the subject of this article, is the experience I had the first time I used it.

I had already undergone the initial awakening (we often awaken to our soul’s mission in stages) and I was exploring and being led to many alternative belief systems such as yoga, meditation, and healing and had not at that stage encountered Buddhism and Shamanism, the latter I now understand lay behind much of my “Out of Body Experiences.”

I was in a “New Age” crystal and book shop in Todmorden, Lancashire a place known for its witchcraft in days gone by. I had never encountered such before and as I looked around I felt drawn to some dark green stones, I asked the owner of the premises what these stones were and she told me they were Moldavite and were not to be purchased lightly as they were potently charged with extraterrestrial energy? What? Wacky? So I turned to leave the shop and then I experienced a warmth surrounding me and a tugging in my back drawing me back towards the Moldavite. At that point an encounter took place between me and the owner of the shop who actually looked like a white witch or what I think a white witch should look like. We were held in a timeless space where the rest of the shop disappeared as she explained to me the origins of Moldavite and its properties. She said

“I do not need to sell you this stone this stone has already chosen you.”

Whew!! And indeed it had, I purchased it and took it home. In my naivety that night I taped it to my head and zoomed out of my body at an accelerated rate and began to zoom out into space, I jolted awake and tore it off, the experience was far too potent. However the changes had already happened. I’d previously had many OOBIES at that point in my life they were of a much more controlled nature, although I never felt I instigated them. Moldavite is known as the stone of great changes and it was explained to me that you needed to be ready and prepared for big changes in your life if this stone was to help work its magic.

So back to my encounter with Ave Maria, the massage therapist in Campeche. I visited the following day and as we said our goodbyes she said “ I have something for you.” and she put her hand into her dress and brought out a velvet pouch within which she drew a piece of moldavite and said

“This is for you.” I have it here next to my computer as I write. True to its “myth” great changes occurred following my original purchase. What changes will occur now following this gift from Ave Maria? Watch this space.

My Mission? Clearly it is to write and share information about my life and also as a synthesiser of multidimensional realities.

Discovering your mission can often take a circuitous route one rarely simply awakens and understands the reason for their life, except maybe the extraordinarily gifted and unique artists, musicians and scientifically talented child prodigies that we are hearing about more frequently nowadays.

I left school at 15 and never had any formal qualification, yet my first career was that as a telephonist, in the days when such was behind all communications between people. So I was a communicator and a connection between others. There is a subtle synchronization with what I do now. But from then until now life produced through me three marriages, two children, wealth and poverty leading eventually to understanding some of the nature of life on Planet Earth.

I am now in San Cristobal De Las Casas, Mexico and regular eat at a vegetarian café run by a Norwegian man and his Mexican wife. We often have conversations and he shared with me how he has taught children in outlying villages who have no opportunity for formal education how to make vegan bread which they sell to him, therefore learning something that sustains life and earning the cash needed. Kids in this part of Mexico unless they are from very wealthy parents rarely have any education until the age of ten or twelve and then only for a couple of years. Despite this as he said to me

“Yet these kids are far happier than any kids I’ve seen or been with in Germany, when I was a Teacher for a few years.”

He went on to share with me how he observed his brothers children during Birthdays and Christmases, they simply opened their presents took a brief look tossed it aside and moved onto the next. I once witnessed two young orphan boys living on Sealdah Station, India, make amazing ingenuity to recover a lost ball on the train tracks, taking risks and dodging trains, their exuberance and delight upon a successful “mission” is something I rarely observe when encountering children in the UK. There is no judgments being made here on right and wrong, because I believe that all experiences are unique and mean something to each individual.

OK I’ve strayed somewhat from the subject of this article of finding one’s mission in life. If we are following the path of the soul’s mission I guess first one has to believe in a soul. A soul is not something that is tangible and my experience is it connects us with our deepest feelings. Working with our deepest feelings and loving what we do, feeling inspired and energised is usually a good indication that we are following the path our soul is signposting for us. But it is never a straight direct path, it tends to take us into the unknown and presents us with challenge and opportunity that invites risk. Much like the journey I am on here in Mexico.

Travel and writing from a multidimensional perspective is my mission. What is yours?


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  1. Wow what an amazing experience with the moldavite! Great story, thanks for sharing your journey! With love, Sharon


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