"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung


Love of a Blind Girl

When you love, you always risk pain. The more deeply you love, the greater the risk you will be hurt. Yet to live your life without loving is not to have lived at all. As deeply as you open to life, so deeply will life open to you. So there is a lovely symmetry and proportion between grief and love. From Eternal Echoes by John O’Donahue.

Love, true love, has no barriers, cannot be defended against, does not attack, justify or judge. It is, whether we are present to its energy or not. Many think love is a feeling, whilst one can sense love’s energy it is beyond feeling. The essence of love is indescribable and the best we can do is say what it is not.

We arrive on this planet an open vessel ready to be filled and whilst we may have many tasks imprinted into our soul’s blue print the ultimate journey is the one back to love.

Sometimes that journey can take us through levels of pain that shatters the mind, traumatizes the emotional body and can even seem to destroy us spiritually. Maybe that is the depth we need to go before we become strong enough to sustain loves energy.

Love is the strongest and most profound energy that some call God and if we are full of personal ideas, expectations, pre-programmed conditions, and pre-conceived ideas of what love is, what room is there for the strongest energy in the Universe?

Perhaps it is this energy that through its healing pOwer causes our lower conditioned mind to shatter thus making way for Universal Compassion.

What we call Love at this time in our current evolution is a sad reflection of true love, often a compromise of wants needs and unrealistic expectations, that according to recent figures frequently ends in divorce or years of abject misery.

I thought I knew something about Love then I was presented with a “call” to act on my deepest of feelings of love even though it would render me penniless, take me away from a life of ease and eventually affect my health.  The full story of this event that changed the way I view love can be downloaded FREE here.


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