"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Recent experience is causing me to question the whole Mental Illness paradigm which I recently described to a colleague as ” a complete f—— mess.one-in-four

Let me take you back a few years to when I began to really understand that my own “awakening” was not a mental illness but a call to accept that I was a unique spark of consciousness having a human experience in a multidimensional universe. Doubtless repeating this in front of a DSM indoctrinated psychiatrist would get me labelled as Schizophrenic and were I to go on to explain that

“actually my here and now consciousness has activated an ability to time travel and I have accessed what others call “past lives” but which I see as merely another aspect of a multidimensional reality”

would have me being offered drugs to contain and stunt my psychotic tendencies.

So it was in 2004 I attended a course as an attendee Quaker at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre and opened up my multidimensional experiences to a staff member who very wisely assured me that I was not psychotic or schizophrenic but that I was undergoing an awakening that would see me become a Bodhisattva and that I had

“arranged this on a higher level of awareness so that you can help awaken others and lessen their suffering.”

I was unsure about this at the time as I still did not feel healed or complete enough to help anyone else. I had not overcome the “trauma” of awakening to the realisation that the world is not as we perceive it to be.

I had travelled a lonely path for 7 years (this was from 1989 – 1996 and before the prolific usage and availability of the information highway of on-line internet) consequently my search for answers took me through books on Jungs Complete Works where I found some answers. This was followed by Robert Monroe’s Journeys out of the Body series of three books.

Through the conversation with the above Quaker colleague I learned about the work of Dr Stanislav Grof and then more recently Paul Levy’s work. I have omitted to cite much of the delusional spirituality I encountered on this journey as it is not worth mine or your time to discuss, believe me there is lots of it, it is the new way of packaging and selling spirtuality and healing to the ignorant, delve into this world with extreme discernment lest ye get caught up into paying for spiritual tat.

O.K. so you have enough links there to take you through a 30 minute PHD in Metaphysics and Psychology:)

But the rabbit hole of the Mental Illness Conspiracy becomes a dark tunnel of a profit driven Pharmaceutical Industry manipulating human ignorance of a Multidimensional Universe, to persuade and cajole the psychiatric community to assert that those developing their multidimensional awareness are suffering from a “chemical imbalance in the brain. ”

Shaminism, Buddhism, Spiritual Emergence Networks, some schools of spirituality, Quantum Mechanics, myths and legends all speak of Multi-Universe of Consciousness so why are we collectively still in the dark ages of Mental Health and medicating folks whose awareness of other realms is causing them psychotic episodes?

In a multi-universe there are “many mansions” (John14.2) as a world prophet is quoted as saying, I don’t know I wasn’t there.

So let’s take a look at some examples.  Many diagnosed schizophrenics go through a stage believing they are the Messiah/Jesus/God etc.  What if during these events their consciousness has retreived memories of a pivotal historic period in history which their brain has no way of computing and therefore due to ignorance and being taught from cradle to grave that we are purely physical beings, believe they are the memories they are accessing?

Another example; hearing voices that tell a person to commit crimes etc.  In a multi-Universe there are spiritual realms that are generally kept hidden from us the personality for our own safety and to maintain our Earth Reality. But what if a breach in the bubble has occured and frequencies have become distorted and so those hearing voices are being infiltrated by the spiritual realms, where all is not well?

Taking hallucinogen opens us up to multi realities. Alcoholics may attract spiritual entities that want to experience reality through a human because they are stuck and unable to move on into the light.

We really must cease to accept the current pharmaceutical driven psychiatric paradigm, without considering and undertaking research to find better ways of addressing and treating mental health issues than adopting labels and medicating which causes stigma and side effects.

There are some uncomfortable truths that even those suffering the stigma of mental illness are reluctant to address, because let’s just suppose you have been a resident in a mental institution for a number of years, you have been deemed ill and taken various medications and you have actually become sicker because all the experts deem that this is so. Would you be prepared to have all your beliefs about yourself fall down like a pack of cards?  Wouldn’t it cause a serious disturbance of your reality to begin to question that perhaps all these so-called experts are working from ignorance and all the medications you are taking are causing shakes, weight gain and other unpleasant side effects and you are actually worse than you were before you became a patient. O.K. the psychic phenomena has abated but isn’t it replaced by a far more debilitating condition and rendering one a drug junkie?

If as is currently stated One in Four of us is suffering from some form of Mental Issue then is it not paramount that we take the time to research and consider all aspects of this phenomena, especially if we have a close relative or friend who we watch suffering?

There is a way through this rabbit hole but it requires an open minded and holistic approach with large amounts of discernment, and collaboration.  Don’t work alone in this field, work with others who are begining to ask questions, learn everything you can and as Barbara Marciniak said

“Knowledge is sacred and the choice to be informed or merely entertained in today’s world is a very revealing test of the times.”


Comments on: "The Mental Illness Conspiracy" (3)

  1. Exactly. My shaman grandmother always told me that there are many worlds in our midst that many could not see. And she made me understood it not through quantumn mechanics (of course she did not know about quantumn mechanics as she was just a village shaman in the remote mountains) but through the folktales she passed on to me. I’m also lucky to have grown up among the indigenous where perceiving the other realms is accepted and understood. It was only after interaction with a non-indigenous friend that I came to learn I am considered mad, lol!

    Cheers to shamanic madness!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thanks Allu,

    Let’s spread the “madness” around a bit more!


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