"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Are We Enslaved or Free? – Programmed humans or free spirits?

A journey through South East Asia has caused me to question the meaning and purpose of human existence. This will not be for the first time, but perceptions change along with the questions.

The brutality that has scarred the nations of Cambodia and Vietnam with the USA’s major involvement, particularly in the latter when they lost the war with Vietnam has brought into question facts that cause many to turn away from addressing.

However unpalatable these facts we turn aside and refuse to consider them at our cost. When we do not examine all perspectives of history we are in danger of repeating the same scenarios because we are refusing to learn that which is blatantly evident for all to see. Afghanistan is a typical modern day example.

It was searching for the answers to such questions as;

“Why has history been marked with such brutal wars and genocides?”

That caused me to access the work of David Icke, he was the first source I had encountered that actually traced history from a different perspective than that which our history books teaches us.

A spiritual new age guru such as Eckhart Tolle names the brutality of wars and genocide that has dogged human history as insanity. Many new age teachings I have encountered naively speak of everything as being perfect just the way it needs to be. Eckhart Tolle speaks of the present moment as being all there is and that we can learn to accept and surrender to the present moment.

It is all too easy to try and explain away the unexplainable from the comfort of ones armchair or writing desk. We can philosophize and make mega bucks offering answers and perspectives that the gullible will accept because they do not wish to put in the amount of experience needed, work and research that these unpalatable subjects demands.

Try explaining all this to someone who has been brutally tortured or had all their family annihilated in an air strike.

So are humans being used, misused and abused by an alien consciousness that wishes to keep humanity enslaved so that they can continue their secret agenda? Are we being collectively ruled by an Elite Cabal who wishes to maintain control over humans to prevent them from realising their true potential and capability? This is the perspective that David Icke begins with.

Is all the cause of insanity down to the fact of our ego and not living in the present moment? This is the perspective Eckhart Tolle begins with.

Neither of these sources, which I may add I have spent years studying, sits completely comfortable with me. But then is that not part of the journey and the mystery of life on Planet Earth?  If we thought we knew all the answers there would be no need to ask more questions and then our lives would miss the excitement of learning and discovery.

During my own “Out of Body” journeys I encountered the work of Robert Monroe and he met and spoke with beings existing in a different reality than the earth and his questions and the answers he was given caused him much anger and soul-searching.

At the time I did not know how much more I was going to undergo in order to learn that life is not as we perceive it to be, and whilst it caused much trauma and eventual homelessness, because i lost the ability to care for myself and my very basic human needs, I am able to say with hand on heart that nothing I have undergone has been wasted and I learned more during the hard times than I did through the good, but of course for a long time I resented the fact, why me?  Why did I have to go through all that?

Now many years later as I see where I am being led it becomes clear why it was necessary.  I know that there is guidance available to me, I have practiced listening inside enough to know when my intuition/wiser s-Elf is hinting at something. I know the difference between listening to the fear and having courage to take calculated risks.  There was a period when I went crazy and took risks that were far from calculated hence creating my own homelessness.

By the way the full story of these experiences and discoveries are available FREE in my memoir A New Human on this link now and expires Saturday 27th June. The short book “A Multidimensional Paradigm” (70 print pages only available in digital form) gives examples through true stories of what came after the healing journey described in A New Human.

Religions speak of good and evil. New Agers speak of oneness and no good and no evil, all is one and everyone agrees on a higher level to all experiences. And this is the work of the Divine Soul we are told by much new age spirituality.

There is only so much that the human psyche can take before a breakdown occurs. It was through such questioning and discovering all was not really well both inside and outside of me that led to this break through. First a  “break-down” is often needed, meaning break it all down into easy bite size pieces. See through the prevailing cultures, religions and philosophies, take nothing as read unless it concurs with your experiences, but do not blindly reject anything either, unless it is harming, abusing or mis-using you.  As I began to understand the

“we work to earn a living to survive and keep going round the same wheel for 40 plus years” paradigm

that caused a close friend of mine to say “If we really looked at what is happening to humans we would have mass suicides;”  my own was held in check by an energy that infiltrated my mind at a crucial moment; I knew i needed to push through the resistance that was preventing me from publishing my books.   Because there is another and much more inspiring perspective to events here on the planet.

First and foremost the current accepted paradigm that hardly anyone questions is that we are educated almost solely and purely so that we can earn a living and become a fully paid up member of society. Paying our taxes, buying our houses, having children, keeping our gardens neat, running our cars and generally aspiring to a life of relative comfort whilst keeping safe from perceived dangers and that which we cannot handle.

Add to this our collective addiction to how we look; what do others think of us and who has the time to give a moment to the bigger question of what drives us? What shall we make for dinner tonight darling?

I met a travel writer once who had just completed a 3 month voluntary stint in Cambodia teaching English. We spent some time together discussing the brutal history of the country. During our time together she said

“One day I decided that it was pointless to earn money just to spend, it all seemed so meaningless and so my life began to change.”

No matter how much we may want the current paradigm to change our fear of lack and need for comfort will always stop us from addressing the larger issues about are we being driven by unknown forces or are we practicing our own Free Will?  But it doesn’t have to.  We really are much more than brain controlled robotic working humans. We are spirits undergoing life in the body of an emotional human being, some of us are old souls, some are young and lots in between.  One only needs to experience nature in all its glory to have trust that there is a Divine Intelligence underpining evolution, we just need to connect with that, and religions will only take you part of the way, “spirituality” will take you a little further, but to really travel and explore you need love in your heart for s-Elf and others, an enquiring and open mind with love for the mystery and joy of discovery without using either religion or spirituality as a crutch.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience,
but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

~ Martin Luther King JR. from Strength to Love 1963 ~


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