"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

image for consumerism artilceI’ve recently been given a book by a friend to read called The Silence of the Heart by Paul Ferrini.  I’m about three quarters of the way through it and decided to “Google” him and located his website and once again I saw “Spiritual Healing for Sale” despite his wise and comforting “channelled” writings he is no different than the numerous other gurus/teachers who are cooly raking in millions of dollars selling their particular brand of spirituality.  Spiritual Retreats offering peace, tranquility and four or five star accommodation and the “presence” of the Master is the new cool thing to do or place to be.

I come from an old school of thought that “genuine spiritual teachings are free.”  I have been blessed/guided to those who would give freely of their time and energy teaching me what they knew from the relatively unknown to the now famous and celebrated Eckhart Tolle and David Icke. I took what felt right and left the rest and then added my own experiences to the pool of my knowledge.

My connection with Eckhart Tolle ended upon his commercialisation of his teachings. He changed from the humble modest and frugal presence to this now famous, often quoted New Age Celebrity; along with Deepak Chopra, Neal Donald Walsh, and many others who are out there on the spiritual celebrity circle, often getting themselves onto the Oprah Winfrey or Dalai Lama band wagon.  When I first met Eckhart in 1989 he was running A Course in Miracles Group where i was one of 6 attendees.  Eckhart and I formed a close friendship and I was blessed with living in his presence for three months in 1993 before his spectacular rise to fame and fortune.  Apart from one brief visit in 1996 just before his first book The Power of Now was being published when he told me he was re-writing major parts of this now famous book because quote

“They said there were some parts not suitable for “mainstream,” I have had no contact with him since then.

Spiritual seekers and the naive flock to the above gurus and spend their hard earned money listening to wisdom from those who have learned from others and merely re-packaged and resold, often at a higher price to these neophytes. Alas many of these seekers do not realise their opportunity of a full blown awakening is there right where they are now, they just need to begin to ask the right questions and build that bridge.

Many people are spiritually sick but do not recognise their condition. Spiritual sickness may be experienced as anything from an inner itch or gnawing, through to full blown suicidal depression or the excruciating highs and lows of the new popular Bi-Polar diagnosis. The former gets temporary relief from distractions such as entertainment, vigorous work-outs, addictions, meaningless sex, incessant watching of TV and mindless socialising; the latter may result in periods of incarceration in mental health prisons and years or a lifetime on medications that stunt the process of awakening and incur horrible side effects.

A New Human  does not hide the darker side of the spiritual awakening process.  At the time of undergoing this which took 7 years and then some I had no concepts on spirituality or dark nights of the soul, in fact the process continues, because as soon as we become complacent and think we are totally awake we will draw to us an experience that demonstrates there is further to go and grow.  It took me 16 years to write because I kept thinking “OMG if people read this they will panic or think I am totally nuts.”  Whilst the experiences were for me extraordinary and at the time traumatic, I never felt I’d gone “totally nuts.”  Even after tentatively sharing with others about my experiences and their disbelieving response or their quizzical raising an eyebrow, I still believed in myself and the experiences that had come to me and that I had not sought. When I first began to discover I was a multidimensional being having a human experience, I was a company director, mother, and wife of a successful business partner.  Then all hell broke lose and my flights of fancy took on a reality that defied belief.  Except that it was true.  Or rather the events did happen and I wrote about them in the limited tools that language provides.

The dichotomy being of course we sometimes are unable to discern truth from lies and therefore asking for help to discover complete S-Elf honesty is vital at such times. Nobody fools us better than ourselves!

So before I published I underwent months of pychotherapy with an NHS Clincal Psychologist who gave me complete unconditional positive regard never once questioning or conveying any need to have me “contained” or medicated.  I was truly blessed with his presence.  It was only after this that I slowly completed the book and then self published after attending an Assertiveness and Confidence Skills Course at our local MIND Centre in Brecon, Mid-Wales, UK.  That is when the fun and games began when the first person who read both A New Human and A Multidimensional Paradigm described them as “wacky.”  Wacky or not the things described did happen and i did emerge as a new human.  The events in these books you will not find referred to by the above mentioned gurus or spiritual teachers either because they have not undergone their complete healing process or they have and are hiding the truth, or they are merely lightweights and do not have the courage to say it as it really is, for some people.

Those “some people” are often found in mental health institutions or under the care of a team of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers or drug peddlars handing out legal substances to calm folks down and shut them up.  One is exceptionally blessed if one encounters people in these places who have actually undergone their own healing journey. One such person is Taking the Mask Off.

Should an intervention of a psychotherapist or spiritual mentor be sought it is beneficial to discover as much about them from an initial consultation. Whilst it is ideal to be counselled or facilitated by one who has undertaken his or her own journey into psychological and spiritual wholeness, we are, during our current evolution, far from that ideal and the best we can hope for is to locate someone whom we instinctively sense is working on themselves and is not seeking to hide behind a veneer of completeness. When considering addressing the necessity for intervention and assistance great care and discernment is needed.

There is a smorgasbord of personal growth and spiritual teachings, counsellors and facilitators available for those who feel something stirring in their soul, from the superficial “a little daily meditation will enable you to perform better at work and feel less stressed” to the collective works and analytical methods of the psychotherapist and philosopher, Carl Gustuv Jung.

Between these two levels are thousands of texts, books, DVDs, CDs, seminars and lectures, all promising healing and enlightenment of one sort or another. There are quick fixes aplenty and claims of miraculous cures for the spiritually sick. Nowadays you can buy your way into “Spiritual Wholeness.” Except that Spiritual Healing cannot be purchased, only worked for. Spiritual Healing, New Consciousness, New Age and New Spirituality that is available at a price is no different than the current reality of mainstream where Money is the New God.

Spiritual Health follows when we acknowledge all is not well and begin to take responsibility for our own growth and journey into a greater awareness of Spiritual and Metaphysical realities.

Spiritual Sickness can only be addressed if one belives in and accepts there is such a thing as a spirit, soul or super consciousness.  Materialists will reject these beliefs and probably have no business reading this blog.  One cannot prove a spirit or soul exists, although those who have experienced “presence” knows there is something present that is far greater, more loving and empowered than a small human who feels at the mercy of events that he/she cannot control.

I have been blessd by being at both ends of the spectrum, in a Blissful state of being loved that there are no words to describe, to the hell of the abyss, likewise no words can describe.  Were I to have consulted a psychiatrist during periods of experiencing these states I would no doubt have been diagnosed with “Bi-Polar Disorder.”  Such labels were not around in the early nineties, or not in my world.

So it has been with a deep faith with no medication or diagnosis other than a two year period of clinical depression that I emerged from a 7 year period that saw me experience several layers of a multidimensional universe.  For a while I became ungrounded and was unable to care for my basic needs of domestic stability, it was after this phase I needed a complete rest and getting a diagnosis of depression enabled me to begin the deeper process of integrating all I had undergone.

During the healing process I undertook much research to try and understand what had happened to me the result of this is the story of  A New Human which you can get free on a five day promotion on the Amazon Link starting Tuesday 23rd June and ending 27th June.  I would really appreciate some reviews from those who have read it.

There are no quick fixes for the spiritually sick or mentally confused, there is hard work, dark nights of the soul, and wading through treacle like psychic gluck before the work pays off and you get glimpse’s into what a human is capable of and the bliss, love and peace that arises unexpectedly does not remain, because the challenges of human incarnation is not static nor stagnant. You learn more in the bad times than you do in the good times. Two steps forward preceded one step back. You will learn to dance on this shifting carpet and ride the waves of this rising energy and you will eventually enjoy the ride and shout “Hey bring it on” when you sense a stuckness or stagnation. You are blessed to be inhabiting a human body at this pivotal time in history and no matter how things are with you, whether good, bad, boring, indifferent, stressful or excruciatingly painful, all things change and you will fulfill your pre-destined mission if you believe you have such.  Being an out and out materialist believing in nothing other than what you can see, touch, or hear may satisfy the rational left side thnking of you but your soul will still ache and beg for you to recognise and acknowledge her.

“Neurosis is always a substitute for legitimate suffering”

~ M.Scott Peck from “The Road Less Travelled.” ~


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