"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Psychiatric Dumbing Down


Where Are We?

It is a well-known and accepted given in many psychological schools of thought that humans operate at different levels of consciousness, often referred to as being asleep or awake. You have heard the expression
“Asleep with eyes wide open.”

I first encountered teachings on this subject whilst attending a Practical Philosophy Course, some 30 years ago. It placed into conceptual form feelings I’d had that

“most of us here are the walking dead.”

I was presented with a diagram of the different levels of consciousness from total sleep as in bed, to being “robotically awake” as getting up going to work, eating etc, up the levels to complete and full heightened awareness, otherwise known as “Peak Experience.”

Colin Wilson in his book “Super Consciousness” names seven levels of consciousness from total sleep to level seven, quote;

“level 7 is what I have called faculty X, when the mind seems so energized – or deeply relaxed – that other times and other places are somehow as real as the present.”

This is a good illustration of someone who has achieved multi-dimensional levels of consciousness.
He goes on to suggest that in “ordinary consciousness” we are 50 per cent robot and 50 per cent “real you” and implies that raising ourselves to 51 per cent “real you” and 49 per cent robot is an all-important watershed.

Our political Elite and their Manipulators set the agenda of what is “normal” so if the majority of the “ruled” are operating at less than 50 per cent of their true capability then they will be treated as such. Or in other words their predominant activity will be working and spending as they are considered as little more than economic slaves in a consumerist culture.

Incarnation into the density of this planet automatically cuts us off from awareness of “Divine Consciousness.” Whilst infants and very young children are still connected to their divinity the programming of their susceptible minds begins with their parents imposing their “norms” followed by education which completes the act of severing the small human from their divinity. By using the word “Divinity” I am not referring to any religious interpretation or meaning, it is the word chosen to describe the state of being or consciousness we had prior to incarnating into human form. I work from the premise that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and that we have a soul that is infinite and is part of a greater whole of which we have little understanding collectively at this stage in our human evolution.

So it begs the question what level of consciousness are we sustaining for most of our waking life? What do we choose to do with our time when we are not “earning a living” assuming that we are? Do we fill the “void” of non-robotic activity with mindless pursuits of watching the latest dumbed down reality show, avidly fulfilling our addictive habits; or, are we discerningly questioning our very personal human existence and what is its purpose and meaning is in the greater scheme of things?

It was whilst asking such questions in the midst of some dynamic and life changing psychic and spiritual phenomen that I accessed Nick Crowley’s Essay

It is useful to consider at any given moment

“At what level of consciousness am I operating with at this moment?”

An even more interesting experiment is to walk into any hyper or super market to observe. It is important not to buy anything or look at any of the goods. Simply observe people. You may discover various levels of consciousness from those sleep walking to hyper alert full on awareness – but still a long way to go to reach level seven.

“Ignorance does not cease to be ignorance because of repetition among persons,
no matter how numerous they are. ”

~Mahatma Ghandi ~


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