"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

I wrote an e-mail to a friend on the subject of mental health/illness

It's better to light one candle than curse the darkness

It’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness

and spiritual awakenings and I want to share part of that e-mail with you co-bloggers.

Anyway what I have been pondering on is the whole skewed issue on Mental Health/Illness. In short I believe that the societies we have and are continuing to create is driving people mad. Most of the “awakening encounters” I have come across is usually the result of extreme stress caused by a crisis arising in a materialistic society whereby the real sense and feeling of soulfulness is completely disregarded. For example when you visit or speak to an advisor of Centre Link is their approach to get you to fit in with their criteria for being a “productive money earning member of society” or is their approach holistic and they are mindful of your experience and want you to feel fulfilled in your chosen career/work?

Perhaps that is the whole purpose of being here so that we recognise and see through the inhumanness, soulless and insensitive materialistic society we are creating and so we awaken and think we can change it. But the sad reality is, I am reaching the conclusion we will never change it, because it is not meant to change. If the Divine Design is to teach us about Love/Divinity/God (in the non-religious non-dual sense including Buddhism) then how can we with soulful integrity “earn a living” in a sick society?

So what I am also coming to is that the whole “Psychiatric Paradigm” including charities that claim to help those suffering from “Mental Illness” is completely out of sync because they are placing their perceptions from a “normal/not/normal paradigm.” The “normal” actually being a sick society. Hell just look at the trillions of debt our countries (Well the UK and US. not sure about Oz)have got us into, and where is that money loaned from and how much power do the lenders have over the economies of those countries?

We have poor people who have been caught stealing food to feed themselves thrown into prison yet we reward bank executives who have stood over the billions of libor manipulations with bonuses and not one has been imprisoned for helping create a world financial crisis.

Our political masters i.e. the EU is discussing taking military action to stop “people traffickers” – the latter are merely the opportunists who are cashing in on human despair through living in a war torn country – and if history is traced back it is often the “white” imperialists who have inadvertently (or maybe not depending whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not) created this desperation with their insane attempts at “democratizing” a country by the barrel of a gun. Using language of “economic migrants” as they do lessens their humanity so they become disposable. I could go on and on citing others “insane policies” and I’m sure you can add to them.

I watched the “Hunger Games” last night and it brought home in graphic terms how divided our world is becoming and paranoid madness lies at the heart of many political decisions.

So when a person begins to ask questions even if they make no claims to “spiritual awakening” and begin to research they quickly get sent down the rabbit holes of conspiracies, because it’s often in the “conspiracy world” where answers to these questions are found and further questions raised. Because those who are fully ensconced in the mainstream, work to earn a living, have kids, buy house and two cars, get a good paying job, a good pension, insure for sickness and funerals and die perspectives, which both you and I have both participated in, in the past, are living so fast and are so distracted with the “lesser things” they have no time, energy, or motivation to ask the “bigger questions” unless or until a major crisis arises that forces their “brainwashed psyche” to explode or implode, thus creating a “mental illness.”

How to suppress human potential in two easy steps. Brain wash them, when that doesn’t work diagnose them as being “mentally ill.”

You have referred frequently to the anti-spiritual society in Australia as I have here about the UK. Those deemed/diagnosed with mental health illness have often broken the bubble, the bubble that keeps them ensconced within their own cultural and educational norms, when this bubble is breached and they experience

“all that is outside of the bubble as in a multidimensional universe that is teeming with life forces not of a physical nature”

then the shock of this can send them on a spiral into real mental distress or it becomes an opportunity to awaken and realise that the world is different to what our normal conditioning has created for us. Many indigenous races including the Maori and Aborigines are brought up with a “shamanistic dreamworld” thus what is diagnosed and labelled by western psychiatric clinicians and other experts on mental health as hearing voices; Bi-Polar disorder; Schizophrenia and a hundred other conditions would be respected and revered in these indigenous communities. But these “abilities” that arise from a period of stress or maybe deep inner reflection may emerge in a distorted way because there is nothing in our normal conditioning and education that prepares us for the multidimensional/shamanic awareness.

The pharmaceutical industry is no better than the “people traffickers” because they are making money through others suffering or attempts to awaken and create medications that stunts the process often causing harmful side affects. I have been around enough people through my affiliation to mental health charities to see first hand these side effects, which includes weight gain, sweating, sleeplessness, tremors, nausea etc.

So my “passion” and expectation that the books A New Human and A Multidimensional Paradigm  which describes the awakening process from a shamanistic perspective will be welcomed by mental health charities that operate from the Western Medical/Psychiatric Model is, well a fantasy. How can someone who has never had any spiritual/psychic/shamanistic experience even begin to understand those who have and apart from the few, like me, Paul Levy, David Icke, Eckhart Tolle  yourself and others whom we never hear about, who have never accepted a “mental illness/diagnosis” label yet more by grace and a bit of luck emerge “sane” and holistically aligned with their soulful well-being than they were before their “awakening breakthrough.”

Although once the awakening has occurred real discrimination is then needed lest what we have “understood” in our awakened state becomes commercialized and distorted.  This is the nature of the Beast.

David Icke has created a whole conspiracy paradigm with many bizarre claims, some apparent and evident others pure fantasy. Eckhart Tolle has created a Multi Million Dollar Empire selling a “partial technique” eloquently.

How to suppress human potential in two easy steps? Create a guru and commercialize their teachings.

Paul Levy in his book Dispelling Wetiko is the only one I have so far encountered that is prepared to name and face “evil,” through experience, investigation, research, understand and emerge with a solution that threatens the very existence of evil, by suggesting we start with s-ELF. His book is not for the faint hearted or those who are so conditioned by their own beliefs because it is an in-depth work that is written both from an experiential and scholarly perspective, and he draws heavily on Carl Gustuv Jung which I was weaned on when I first “awoke.”

You suggested in your last e-mail that I have a good laugh, well what I have just outlined here is worthy of an hysterical fit of laughter providing you don’t commit suicide first. LOL

I think I’ve just written my first blog posting for 2 weeks.

How are you? I loved your article “Listening to the Spaces,”

Oh you mentioned about being careful not to get into the “possession” thing, is it the “words” that put you off or the concept that our minds can be possessed? Or that “unconscious energies can infiltrate human’s bio-energy field? ” Jung wrote extensively about the subconscious. I once had a conversation with a psychiatrist who had the good sense to ask me

“So Avril, what do you make about all that you have described to my colleague over these last few weeks?” I responded

“I think something happened many years ago that caused the subconscious to infiltrate and overwhelm my rational mind.”

Now I understand it as a “spiritual awakening.” But I was blessed to receive the grace of guidance which taught me to listen very carefully to the inner voice. It’s a process which often gets skirted over when folks get excited about “spiritual awakenings” they speak frequently about the intuition and inner voice, but it takes a lot of experience to discern this inner voice from all the others that may clamour for our attention. This is where Mindfulness Meditation becomes a precious, sacred and necessary practice.  There are still a lot of misunderstandings about feelings and emotions and with the current dependence on technology that understanding seems as far away as ever.  It’s not many that are capable of going on a “media fast, social or otherwise.”  so how do we know we are not confusing this “inner voice” with our unrecogised desires?

There are questions being asked by some enlightened bloggers about the whole “psychiatric/pharmaceutical” shenanigans but there is not the apparent outrage as there should be, because when folks do wake up they are either deemed mentally ill or commercialised into gurus.

Hope this has raised a laugh or two……………

Thinking of you with much affection and I am filled with gratitude for our serendipitous meeting a couple of years ago. So much has happened since, but still I don’t feel a sense of belonging, except maybe when I meditate deeply or go to sleep.

I’m not of course suicidal, just perplexed at humans propensity to remain asleep and brainwashed, but more than that I feel a deep sadness that after 30 years since my own awakening I am still not living the life of which I dreamed.  I got distracted a few times about “living your dream” and “creating your reality”  within a lot of the “New Age Teachings”  and I’m still in recovery from this misunderstood and delusional process.

“It’s better to light one candle than curse the darkness.” Peter Benenson, Amnesty International


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