"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Perception Deception

“The times they are achanging…………..” so goes the words of a timeless song. When east meets west, when the new age and the conspiracy theorists get into bed together, when the pragmatists hug the spiritualists, when dark becomes light and light acknowledges the darkness……and finding all this within – you get the message…?

Light, Flight, Freedom and Shadow

A very good friend who decided he did not want to be my friend anymore because I asked too many hard questions, once said to me

“Avril part of our teaching in Judaism, teaches that we hold two conflicting paradoxes at the same time”

That to me speaks of personal responsibility. When we cease to out project our darkness and see the “other” as the enemy then so we begin to take personal responsibility for our lives and the betterment of the collective.

A time comes when one needs to stop searching for the outer teacher and begin a relationship with the inner teacher. This is often the result of encountering a true deep healing.

For me the healing did not come until I acknowledged how f—– up I was. One small indicator was that every time I encountered a feeling or thought that caused serious discomfort I would reach for a cigarette, coffee, cake, T.V. station, you name it I did everything I could to distract myself from looking at the darkness within me, including “blaming” others for my plight.

Yes, whilst it may have appeared from one perspective that I had been the victim of unjust circumstances, allowing myself to wallow in that would have simply got me stuck in “victim hood” and I would never have found the strength to recover my will and by doing that ensure I do not remain a victim.

During a workshop I attended whilst experiencing the Quaker belief system a question of “Healing” occurred, I remarked that we need to address the darkness within in order to see the light. A participant replied

“”What’s all this trash about darkness…………”

“Darkness,”  “Alien,” or “The Unconscious.”

These are labels only and often inadequate and not truly representative of that which I am endeavoring to illustrate.

When I first encountered Eckhart Tolle’s work on the ego, I first noticed the ego in others, and then upon his reminder I began to see it within myself. This was before I made the “ego” my friend.  Eckhart’s “teachings” of the ego are somewhat distorted. He has studied many masters but has little life experience and so much of his teachings is secondhand information. He has used a unique ability to re-hash old truths and represent them in a new light.  Perhaps when the thousands of Guru Devotees and those meditation teachers who sometimes appear to put others into a permanent state of trance by omitting to teach wholeness through acceptance and embracing of the shadow, instead of pointing a finger at the will and naming it ego; they may then create the change needed and rightly assert their enlightenment; until then they are simply children still playing:)

Watch out for those “meditation teachers/leaders” who are keen to encourage others to “project light out to heal the world” whilst harboring deep unresolved issues that urgently need healing.  As well a spiritual teachers who have made millions through omitting truths that would cause disturbance and discomfort; in order to create an illusion.

I do not intend criticism as in the end everything we encounter contributes to our collective evolution but I do encourage everyone to hone their critical faculties especially when it comes to embracing teachings that do not address some real deep issues that affect us and our world.

The point is until we do take personal responsibility for healing our own messed up psyche we will continue to perpetuate brutal wars, killing and continue to cause mayhem upon this beautiful earth.  Paul Levy’s work speaks extensively of this and I highly recommend it.

We can say “the aliens gave us their mind” as does David Icke, but part of the gift to humanity was being given the choice of Free Will, so we could choose to overcome this “alien” mind. This is what Eckhart Tolle may mean about the “ego” but he has failed to clarify that the “ego” is not our enemy; it can and should be our greatest friend when we align it with our personal Divine Will.

The words “personal” and “divine” are not always seen as bed-partners, but we cannot divide the personal and divine, as we cannot divide the personal “me” from the “alien” within me. This “alien” is the part of our reptilian mind that remains unhealed.

“Love your enemies” “Forgive them they know not what they do” This is not about religion but about becoming truly human, as I demonstrate in A New Human.

There are amazing experiences to be had when we can see the world through clear eyes and feel the world through a healed heart……………………….instead of Perception Deception.

“Nothing is so difficult as not deceiving oneself.”  ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

P.S. i have recently had some experiences that demonstrates and validates the points made above and proved that I still have some work to do, but it is subject of a future post. Now it’s time to get into my garden and plant some good stuff……


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