"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Failed Dreams


My books arrived from the US a few days ago via the excellent service of Create Space‘s POD service. No I’m not giving them a plug and I get no discount.  A Multidimensional Paradigm and A New Human have been available as digital formats through Amazon’s Kindle, but due to my lack of skills I have omitted to get them onto Smashwords etc. I tried but after a frustrating few days I gave up.

I suspect our aptitude for reading and digesting is being compromised by the fast evolving world of digital technology.  I have lost count of the number of times I have copied or ordered something onto my computer “to be read later ”  only to find later is still waiting for me!

There is a process in reading a physical book, a full body engagement is implemented. The very action of physically touching, opening and actually sitting down for an hour or more to read a book causes a depth of focus and intent that I believe does not exist with digital versions.  I may be speaking from a traditional aspect as reading for me was always physical and I appreciate the younger generation now learns from computers almost as soon as they learn to walk.  We have yet to see the result of this and I’m unsure how useful this learning style is.But we are where we are and my somewhat old fashioned (I’m 70 tomorrow!) and traditional views are probably irrelevant.

Anyway that’s not really what I wished to speak about this morning.

Manifestation Program Techniques.  Thousands of self-help websites and books exist that promote “live your dream;”  “get ahead;” “become the person you want to be;” “take a quantum leap;”  “achieve success;” et al, all promising the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  We only ever hear of the success stories, we never ever hear of failure.  No one wants to be seen as a failure much less advertise the fact.

But by what criteria would we judge failure and/or success?  Are we judging and comparing ourselves to the rich and famous?  Are not some of those “rich and famous” quite shallow and depend upon their audiences for their sense of identity?

I have lived long enough and experienced relative notoriety and wealth and during my most successful periods in the 80’s there was a growing hollowness inside that nothing could fill. It was then when I cried out

“God I don’t want to go into the Abyss.” 

That was the beginning of the cataclysms that invaded my life – or perhaps I’d  invited them?  It resulted in “falling in love” which led to a traumatic divorce; homelessness; Bankruptcy; a new career; meetings with “famous spiritual entrepreneurs;” walking pilgrimages; working in War Zones; Psychic Attacks and Possession; and eventual disillusionment.  A journey had been started and it continued unabated, relentlessly pushing me beyond my limitations, comfort zones, losing me friends and loved ones who were replaced by people whom I would never have met or interacted with in my “previous life.”   Gradually it dawned on me how despite the genuine fulfillment of motherhood and the joy my children brought me, the rest of my “previous life” was quite shallow in spite of the wealth and jet setting lifestyle.

Now life is blissfully peaceful, empty of superficiality and filled with love for the mystery.

So what I really want to say, don’t lose heart if you seem to be experiencing failed dreams, your deepest wishes are not being fulfilled, that areas in your life do not seem to be working, according to your preconceived ideas, desires and wants.  You see what many of us forget is that there is a deep connection between our physical and cosmic selves and prior to arriving onto what can appear to be a primitive and highly backward planet at times; we gave a promise to undertake a mission that would see us manifest in form to help Earth’s Planetary Evolution make the seismic shift to a New Reality that would eventually free all humans from their current enslavement status. This mission can sometimes require an experience of failure and loss because we have adopted the false programmed belief system that success and wealth is what we need to aspire to.  My books A New Human and A Multidimensional Paradigm states otherwise.  A New Human is not for the fainthearted, it does not self censor or hide the darker aspects of humanity.  But A Multidimensional Paradigm demonstrates what A New Human becomes after journeying through the underworld of human sickness.

“The hardest thing for any one of us to realise – every one of us, no matter how high in the levels of functioning – is that we are all subject to an overall plan. A general necessity.”  From The Making of the Representative for Planet 8 by Doris Lessing.


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