"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Right Use of Energy

When we first encounter psychic phenomena, altered reality or ecstatic spiritual experiences it changes our energy field. Where once we were locked into a “what we see, hear or feel is all there is” paradigm, we now experience a more fluid multidimensional reality.

We may not have invited this perspective into our lives. Or, we may have taken substances to deliberately alter our reality, or perhaps we have invited these experiences through practices of meditation, yoga or other spiritual techniques.

Whichever method brought us to experience a multidimensional reality we will notice a distinct shift in our energy field. Where once we could spend hours working in an environment that we found tedious or difficult, but we did it because it put the bread on the table, we will no longer be able to sustain the energy required to do this without seriously compromising our health.

This forces us to face a dilemma. Do we shut down our new reality in order to “earn a living” – or do we engage our energies to discover a new way of being on the earth that does not compromise the person we are becoming?

This is the dilemma that faces thousands of people during these changing times. Many have found the solution on the World Wide Web and manage to successfully earn a living whilst maintaining energy that allows them to incorporate their multidimensional selves.

The more of us who have multidimensional experiences, accept and integrate them then the sooner the new paradigm will seem less novel and more “normal.”

Imagine the following conversation between your neighbor and yourself.

“Hi Bob, saw you out there in your energy body last night, seems you were being tailed by some fifth dimensional light forces, which locality in M27X sector did you visit?”

“Hi Jenny, I’m enrolled on the Ground Forces Multidimensional Shift Paradigm Earth sector on M27X.  We sure are kept busy here, the new Multidimensional Paradigm Reality is causing some of our ground forces to lose the plot, they think they’re ill and are going off to their psychologists and medics to get a quick fix.”

This is the world where science fiction and ordinary life collide and we have yet to find the tools to allow an easy smooth flow into the new reality. There are gadgets, gizmos and quick fixes out there, but if you are able to accept and integrate your new perspective without these you will save yourself an enormous amount of time, money and energy. In the meantime the best thing you can do is monitor carefully where, and what situation feels energizing, and where and what, or with whom, does it feel draining?

This will quickly guide you to the situations and people where you are more likely to find acceptance, support and encouragement, a necessity if you are determined to proceed to travel these multidimensional realities. It could change your domestic and work situation though and you may find not only are you integrating a reality as in OOBES or other psychic phenomena, but you may need to re-establish a new career, relationship, locality or all three.

It is testing times indeed for those who find themselves at the cutting edge of these experiences. Before you make any major changes to your life or life style, taking a personal retreat away from your familiar environment and getting support from others who have grounded and integrated their experiences will be helpful. You will probably find it necessary to simplify your life. You will no longer have the energy level to multi task in diametrically opposed situations for a while.

Once your self acceptance and inner knowing becomes stronger than your inner saboteur, you will learn to flow like a stream, ride eddies and creeks without drama and life will eventually return to a new “normal.” Whilst your friends loved ones and neighbors may see the same old you, you will know that nothing could ever be the same again.

Where you once felt fear, you will have courage. Where once you lied to yourself, you can do nothing that compromises your self honesty. Where you once disregarded your deeper intuitive sense you will honor, respect and act upon it and life will become a waking reality where dreams really do come true.

Be clear on what it is you wish to manifest, because with the new energy levels you experience you may just get it.

“God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings, not one. Mevlana Rumi.”

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