"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Means a change of intent and motivation.DSC00088

Climbing the Multidimensional Mountain is not unlike any other mountain we may climb. First we must want to do it. Second we need to train to do it. Third we need to be prepared for challenges, difficulties and ecstasies.

Climbing my mountain started as my marriage broke-up. This event catalyzed a whole change of perspective, motivation and intent. Some of the journey is recorded in various articles on the website and most of it is in my book

A New Human

Unlike many mountaineers and climbers however, I did not make a conscious choice to begin this climb. It seems it was thrust upon me when “falling in love” opened me to dimensions beyond my then current reality.

There was the initial intrigue, fear, excitement and lack of groundedness that often follows encountering concepts, beliefs and knowledge one has never met before.

Climbing the Multidimensional Mountain is also very much like education. We progress from grade to grade. As we become more adept then so the challenges become more intense. Eventually we get the hang of this new territory and so the journey speeds up.

Usually somewhere along the way we lose our sense of humor, our perspective, courage and ability to learn anything and all we want to do is roll up in a ball and crawl under the blankets. This is a good time to have a bath with some perfumed essence or watch a funny movie.

If we are serious and committed to joyfully experience and integrate a multidimensional reality into our lives we will find many of our former beliefs, attitudes and behaviors changing quite dramatically. Whilst some negative traits refuse to be executed:)

One of the major changes of perspectives I had was discovering there was something that I trusted but could not name influencing my life. At this time I did not know about synchronicity, serendipity or coincidences.

Another major change was knowing how much excess baggage I was carrying, both materially and psychologically. Shedding the excess material baggage was not a problem, especially when one finds oneself homeless and penniless as I did:) Hopefully you will not find yourself in this dilemma, however if you do, expect to be helped but not from the source you were hoping to be helped by. See what I mean about intrigue?

Physical changes can include, weight loss, palpitations, spaciness and feeling energy impulses surging through the body.

It seems there are many ways to climb mountains. Sometimes we get so far and then weather or other adversities prevent us going any further for that time. Sometimes our body tells us to stop and rest for a while. At other times we climb unimpeded right to the top only to discover in the distant a hundred other mountains we would like to climb.

And so it is with the multidimensional climb, when we think we have reached the top and the mist prevents us from seeing other mountains in the distance. We may have encountered some extreme difficulty and for the time being lack the courage to climb any further. So we remain stuck and perhaps go back to the beginning.

One step forward two back can often precede two steps forward one step back.

There was a point when I wished I had never started this journey, but that soon diminished when I encountered miracles, ecstasies and soul mates.

There is no avoiding getting caught up in delusions, as there is no avoiding delusions in mainstream. But used as a tool to hoist ourselves up to greater levels of discernment, it turns a delusion into a waking reality where we live more in the present moment and care less and less about others opinions, whilst maintaining respect and love for all beings.

If you have already started this journey, or are about to start, welcome. If you have been climbing forever and feel you are back where you started, take heart, write your journal and discover how much you have remembered. Climbing the Multidimensional mountain is less about learning “new” things and more about remembering what is already embedded deep inside. Within you is everything you need to know, but you won’t know you know it until your experience demonstrates this fact to you. Trust you are equipped with exactly what you need, when you need it and for however long you need it. Anything you don’t have you don’t really need.

Finally, if you think you have lost a loved one along the way, trust that love if it is love will return. This I know.


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