"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Magic Moments

Magic Moments

Firstly let me make clear the word spiritual is used and misused almost as much as the term “god” is used and misused, but once we move beyond the word and discover the concept we are seeking to determine, we will be led to clarity.

Back in 1984 during my own awakening process this word was rarely heard or used around me. In hindsight I now see that undergoing this change without the “props” of well-meaning but spiritually naive individuals enabled me to draw upon an inner resource that I now acknowledge, love and respect, as my own inner teacher. Whether we call this source, my soul or higher s-Elf, is less important than how it manifests and guides me in my life, without me becoming dependent on its wisdom. Indeed during some of the most challenging periods in my life, this source has stood so far back from me as to be totally absent. It was during these times that my strength and resilience developed.

Our planet is blessed at this time with many spiritually developed leaders of knowledge, compassion and intelligence and they are not always in the limelight receiving accolades from followers. Mostly they will be working quietly away behind the scenes changing and transforming the reality around them. It is often those who rise to sudden fame and fortune that sometimes requires a discerning second take.

It was in Glastonbury, known to new age and spiritual people as the heart centre or chakra of the UK that I discovered the necessity to practice discernment urgently. Glastonbury is indeed a special place and much mythology has been built around it over the years. I arrived fresh and eager to develop my new persona, following a dissolution of my old life as a director of a finance company and mostly redundant mother, both my children well on their own destiny path.

Whilst living in Glastonbury and working at a holistic healing centre in the town, I learned more than I could in years locked away in some spiritually reclusive community. Glastonbury is known as a place of transformation for those who come to experience the special energies here. Similarly I guess to Sedona in the US. Details and incidents of experiences and encounters here have been recorded in A New Human and it is not necessary to repeat them here. Suffice to say that during my time there I met light disguised as dark and dark disguised as light.

The place was awash with psychics, healers, spiritual and new age entrepreneurs and seminar leaders. Some were genuine and compassionate, others charlatans, out to make a quick buck from neophytes. Now I see in the wider world that psychics, healers, motivational leaders and speakers are big business. I have no objections to folks using their god given talent to support their existence here on Earth; what I feel uncomfortable with and avoid are those charlatans who will beguile you with sweet words and cosset you in a warm cocoon of love and light, whilst bleeding you dry of your energy. Or to put it another way dark masking as light.

In the larger reality we are all the same and there is no hierarchical difference between light and dark as all is necessary in a multidimensional universe, but reaching that understanding requires large proportions of discernment.

This should not prevent us from researching, reading, and experiencing anything that will help us discover that we are much more than the physical body and that there are forces and dimensions of reality unseen and unheard that exert an enormous affect on our lives; as well as remembering to “take ourselves lightly!”

Meditation, yoga and many other practices, including outdoor pursuits, help us to become centered in a world that encourages speed and superficiality, but equally necessary is to engage our discernment at all times. Combining both will ensure we align with our soul source and sooner rather than later we will become the ‘more than human’ multidimensional beings we are in essence, whilst maintaining a groundedness that will allow us to navigate our way round this ever changing and unique planet earth.

“And I began to awaken from the dream, as my mind shattered and the memories of long ago began to dismantle the world around me, as he walked in and out of my life, never staying for more than a few moments in time, then one day in the silence I heard him ‘Our Experiment with…….”

Avril Meyler A New Human


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