"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Building Bridges

It is some 30 years since I had my first Out of Body Experience and the “Time Travelling” that followed.

From The location of Avatar in China.

From The location of Avatar in China.

During the 7 years that these experiences overshadowed my life I thought there was something ‘wrong’ with me; when in fact it was the best thing that ever happened. It caused an “Awakening” at a time when I had not been under the influence of drugs, knew nothing about spirituality/meditation or yoga. At the time I was a company Director of a small Finance company in the UK, undergoing a “melt down” of my regular mainstream life as my marriage broke up and I resigned my Directorship.

   Unknown to me I began to build the bridge that would introduce me to my soul family and teach me the reality of other worlds which I later understood as the same world, but experienced from a multidimensional perspective, that many others do not experience, often as protection for fragile psyches. We are still in what is largely an “unenlightened society” and may be subject to receiving labels of schizophrenia, bi-polar or other judgments deemed a mental health issue that needs treating.

As I look back over these years I am filled with gratitude for the guidance, protection and inspiration that developed during nightly lucid dreaming which I now term “Time Travelling.”  I was not protected though from experiencing the results of my own negative energy which through ignorance I was out of integrity with for short periods, until I really “got it” and Love became my prime directive.

Serendipity became the guiding light as I began researching to discover and learn about what was for me, unprecedented phenomena; the first book that fell off the shelf of my local library was Robert Monroe’s Journeys out of the Body.

I live in a tiny village in Wales, UK, surrounded by a community that would consider someone like me as “wacky” were they to discover all I have experienced, and I know this as I have tested the water.

I see the necessity for many “awakened” ones to build bridges, not only with our multidimensional realities but with mainstream mental health services which still treat those experiencing psychic phenomena with medication as the first line of defence. Whilst many awakened ones are still enjoying their realizations and maybe even seeking converts, it is I sense important not to become elitist or special and see ourselves as inhabiting a different world that others do not experience or have not realized. Given that depression and bi-polar is increasingly predominate as a mental health issue it would auger us well to discover ways of revealing our experiences and truth into those very institutions that deem labels and medications as the only treatment to stabilize and recover from a condition that many still do not fully understand. This is not something that can happen overnight because we need to convince  psychologists, psychotherapists, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and mental health practitioners generally that we are not wacky loonies off planet!

I recently published my autobiography A New Human that describes my awakening and eerily David Icke unknown to him was the inspiration behind this book as it begins with e-mails in response to him requesting information on abductions and other phenomena on his website back in 2001. Spirit has magical ways of getting us to “do our job” and they used David in order for me to finally push through the resistance that had caused me to take 16 years to write what could have been written far quicker had I been a little more willing to expose experiences of time travel, psychic and other multidimensional phenomenon, which many judge as “mental health” problems. I deliberately sought psychotherapy before final publication as a way of affirming and validating that actually I was not mad, I’d merely woken up.

I referred above to “being out of integrity” for a short period of time. I think this is something that may affect many during their awakening when they are subject to so much input and downloads of experience and information that it really can send them “wacky and off the planet.”  For example a friend who had begun his awakening e-mailed me saying  “I know who you are Mary Magdalene, I know we were together with Christ” as he glimpsed into his multidimensional realitiy. I quickly assured him of course that I was all too human and gave him clear advice on how to ground.  We are still good friends and he willingly continues to share his journey with me.

As awakened ones we do have a responsibility to build bridges with folks from all levels of society and at the danger of becoming repetitive, it is a concern that we do not become elitists and special. We are here as harbingers and messengers from worlds not of Earth, and as such compassion is needed to communicate whenever possible to other humans who have not as yet realized their true selves, without alienating them or ourselves.


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