"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Building Bridges – Part Two

From The location of Avatar in China.

From The location of Avatar in China.

I referred yesterday or was it the day before, time is somewhat shape-shifting at present, to “awakened” –  I need to enlarge upon this lest I become the elitist i am concerned about!  “Awakened or awakening”  – see the way I am deliberately avoiding the word “spiritual?”  Bet you can guess why?  No, its not because I am in denial about my own spirituality or anyone else’s for that matter, its that during my travels through the multidimensional awakening process – yes I’m still coming to that, be patient; I encountered some suspect stuff, lots actually which is the subject of another article , so I began to discern that spiritual was not always the best word to use to describe an awakening; it can be divisive i.e. ‘you are spiritual I am not.’  or  ‘I’m awakened you are not.’

In addition to the propensity for many to be still influenced by the arrogance of the archetypal energy currently predominating our species.  I heard it said recently that our species is in the midst of a spectacular psychosis edging towards a breakdown that will either heal us or push us over the edge into oblivion. Which will we choose?

I sense many reading this may already have insights and understandings, especially if they have been followers of  modern writers and film makers such as Star Wars, Star Trek, much of J.K. Rowlings, and Philip Pullmans work and that of many other writers and poets.

Awakened or Unawakened?  How do we know where we are?  Could it be many “awakened” ones are incarcerated in mental institutions because they are unable to survive in what they perceive as a

dysfunctional mad consumeristic war mongering competitive world where they are trained from birth to be a successful productive unit in a nightmare.  Or perhaps their own awakening has been stunted by the unenlightened treatments of unenlightened psychiatric institutions?

All this at a time when there are thousands of people searching for something; enlightenment; bliss, anything to change their growing despair at the world in which they are expected to live in harmony.

In 1993 I lived with Eckhart Tolle for a few months, before he became a famous spiritual guru, I consider that one of the serendipitous pre-destined meetings I’ve often had in my life.  He was still fresh from his own awakening and had begun to write “Power of Now” and his understandings had not become the commercial enterprise it is now. We enjoyed many periods of complete silence where a deeper communication occurred whilst walking together through the country lanes surrounding Glastonbury or simply sat in his cottage, me doing tapestry, him reading. It was a special period in my life for which I am truly grateful because unknown to me I was about to enter a nightmare of multidimensional proportions that tested me almost beyond endurance, see A New Human. 

Interestingly on my international travels following the above mentioned nightmare and my healing and recovery from same, I often encountered seekers, either during my stays in Buddhist Temples in Sri Lanka or China or at a cafe in India and I never ceased to be surprised that as they learned of my past friendship with Eckhart they became overly excited saying

“OMG you actually lived with him?”  This was said by both a young Canadian girl whom I met in India who was on her way to receive the “blessing Deeksha” for which she had paid over $5000 including travel, and then a lady who was a long-term resident and pupil of Upul Gumage of Nilambe a Buddhist Meditation Centre Sri Lanka. I could see it was both futile and pointless to attempt to convince either of these seekers they were entranced by their own projections thus blinding themselves as to who they really were and who others were, so intent were they in getting enlightened.

Blessedly the beginning of my own “awakening” happened at a time when I knew nothing other than regular mainstream living, I had not even encountered the word spirituality, knew nothing of yoga, new age or buddhism et al; yet that did not prevent a process that I suspect, but do not know for sure, was already pre-destined and encoded within me. And lest ye became enamored yourselves, know that I am continuing to awaken, the process is never a one off “I’ve got it!”  Because that is an invitation to the universe to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you have not got it!

Are there also many “awakened ones” who are out there who believe they have “got it” – teaching others to awaken by for example transmitting deeksha that are actually unconscious and working on and for dark forces?

I’ll go further, are there many “Forces of light” actually masking dark?  Are there many “Dark Forces” masking light, doing their best to awaken us from the dream by their heinous acts and actually they have undertaken the most difficult archetypal energy to work with?  Angles in de skies or Angels in Disguise?  Our dream continues………will it become the above nightmare or will we awaken and see it’s all a dream world? And if we do what role do we or are we playing in this?

“He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.”
— Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil


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