"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

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Enlightening Strike

Enlightening Strike

I know why I’ve been concerned and keen to get my book out and it’s the sadness that I have been with today that is informing me. Reading Paul’s book and seeing how his words, written differently and far more profound than anything that I could come up with yet it is reinforcing the same message and to use modern idiom;

We’re well and truly fucked!  Unless we Awaken!

He describes our world consciousness as being in the middle of a psychosis that can either cause a break down leading to an awakening or we get tipped over the edge.

He describes this that he “names” Wetiko (another name for evil but not as out there but in here inside us and only reflected outwards”). He e-mailed me having looked at my blog as I informed him I’d added a link to his site and he said he is in the middle of writing another book about his direct contact with “Wetiko” and how it talks about his personal encounters with evil, which actually helped him realize the dreamlike nature of reality; it triggered an eventual healing.

I picked up my own book again for about the hundredth time opened in anywhere and read simple clear language. Chapters on Guilt, Fear and Anger; all common themes running in most peoples lives or rather “running their lives” From Trust to Knowing; Heart and Rainbows; What’s not to understand about that?  There are thousands of people who have and are awakening to see the world we are creating as not being fit for Human habitation, yet they are not being heard, because most people do not have the capacity to “take any of it in” because they are spinning so fast around the wheel of survival or denial, maybe both, not knowing it’s all a dream; remaining asleep until they awaken and begin to question what they are doing and why.

The fact that the book Fifty Shades of Grey became a best seller overnight and the latest film of same getting wide audiences most of whom are reported in the press to finding it mild, read wanting more and stronger M & S;  reflects the sad state to which our mainstream society has regressed.

Then I encounter a recently redundant Banking Executive launch his own business as advertising “Spiritual Awakening in 5 Easy Steps” –  no need for suffering anymore.’

I pick up the daily paper which is covered on stories of terrible suffering (yes I know the press is negative and the media generally) but I actually saw my book and still do as demonstrating a way forward through our fears, guilt and angers, by using them and dealing with all the shit we have inside.  Despite all the years of personal emotional clearance work I’ve done on myself, only half of it mentioned in my book, I am still transmuting darkness, through my writing which eventually brings me and I trust others more light. But we must beware of polarization, whilst we still inevitably swing from dark to light because our world is wildly out of balance we need to discover creative ways to transmute our own wild swings so that we hover not too much to one or the other,like a butterfly seeking the best nectar from the flower.

There are things I’ve missed out from my book, because if what has already been written is difficult to take in then there are some things that happened that would cause readers to think “OMG this is too Wacky.”

In the worst stages of being battered from battling forces inside of me; this manifested outside of me, and actually physically thumped up and down my back as I was lay down; I surrendered to death at that moment, because I had sustained such a long period of illness, frequent back spasms, no money, homelessness etc, it literally felt like a physical arm hitting me up and down my back.

Before the above I had “soared high into the arms of God ” (this is indescribable and again I deliberately left it out of the book because somehow trying to describe the indescribable one contaminates it.) Two incidents occurred in the same meditation with Eckhart, the first stage was when we sat quietly meditating and the next moment of awareness we were both suspended in some dimension experiencing a “pure Oneness” there was no me and no him, just the oneness of being; no sooner had that experience subsided another one replaced it; I next found just GOD, nothing else, it was an orgasmic wholeness of pure loving that knew nothing but love, there was nothing else, not even me, just love.

So I now watch our world descend into a madness, where opportunities for growth are being hijacked by forces posing as light and generating dark. I’m encompassing so many realities at once, the suffering of citizens of Syria,and other parts of the middle east, mass child abuse stories all coming to light here in the UK with huge establishment cover-ups, Ukraine, millions of displaced people wandering this Earth trying to escape violence and find a home, whilst we close and protect our borders; the Elephants in the room that nobody talks about except the media, often in an ill-informed and sensationalist way without offering one iota of guidance or wisdom to reflect deeper than the latest headline.

Spirituality cannot; must not exist without social activism. I own to not knowing what Eckhart Tolle does with all the money he is reputed to have made, but if it’s true and he has, and a proportion of it is not going towards alleviating suffering then he does not deserve to carry the label of ‘The most influential Spiritual Teacher of Our Times.’

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke ~


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