"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Time and Money

How do we value our time here on Planet Earth? Insanity or Normality

We live in a world that is controlled by time and money. No one will dispute that. But does that mean we have to be controlled by time and money? I am not writing this from a money-less commune that’s off the grid. I am as much part of the economic structures as the rest, but with the advantage of no longer having to“earn a living” due to a small government pension. I was never successful at earning a lot of money, no matter how hard I worked or how hard I tried. Yet in the past 10 years I have visited 16 different countries and intend to visit more in the coming decade. Travel is my passion and my education.

So how do I do it?  Many years ago in the midst of my multidimensional experiences, which involved regular night –time travels out of body, I concluded that it was de-humanising to allow money or the lack of it to control one’s life. This resulted in a radical change in the way I lived. Instead of going on shopping sprees to lift me when I was down I had to dig deep inside to discover what was ailing me. Instead of seeing “ownership” as a necessary status symbol, I sometimes rented, sometimes worked for my board, and sometimes house-sat. Instead of looking to television for my entertainment I wandered around the local libraries and sought informative and enlightening books. I attended philosophy, psychology, meditation, healing, yoga and other mind/body/spirit courses, obtaining many diplomas. I became self-employed thus controlling my work or more often than not, the lack of it. I downsized, sold my home and then my car and went to live in a community of like-minded individuals. It was not paradise. It was extremely challenging, but knowing others were living alongside one facing similar challenges made it bearable. I was fortunate at this point in my life I was no longer financially responsible for my children, they were both adults and living fully independent lives. For 7 years I lived without a credit or debit card, and got by through the help of friends and relatives during the worst periods of homelessness. So it begs the question, how can we live a life free from time and money?

Some “enlightened guru”s suggest that if our minds are free, time and money will no longer control us. They happen to have made a few million bucks on such philosophies, and sell their time for money.

Money is time. Time is money. The mantra that controls most of the working population. Just for the moment slow down your mind as you read this. How fast were you reading? Were your eyes darting from left to right skimming words instead of reading them? Perhaps you are in a rush, you have work to do, people to see, things to do, and you are fitting this in between all those other tasks. How about taking a very deep, very slow breath?

Hold it for 5 seconds………………………………………slowly release it.

Feel yourself sink deeper into your body, wiggle your toes and feel your feet. Scan your body from top to bottom. We have within each of us, no one is ever left out, a guidance system. We can call it our soul force, guardian angel, higher s-Elf, God S-Elf, no matter what name we give this inner force; it is there as a constant. It does not interfere with our decisions. It does not judge the way or the how of our lives. It will, on occasions, see a more expansive view of our lives than we currently see, and may attempt to draw our attention to the possible consequences of our planned action.

Equally it may not. But if we are charging full steam ahead, blinkered and determined to achieve our goal, we may not heed any possible guidance. We will of course suffer the consequences of our actions, or rewards, whichever they will be.

In the larger scheme of things this is of small importance, what we miss one time will come round again. It merely delays all the goodies that are waiting to arrive at our door. By goodies, I’m not referring to material goods, but things like friendships, relationships, meaningful interactions and slow companionable meanders. Priceless conversations, enlightening perceptions, birdsong, wind in the trees, the humming of a bee. The smell of the roses. The growing, knowing things.

I am still a gypsy, a nomad, who wanders the earth wondering how on Earth humans have allowed this state of enslavement to occur.

Am I a time waster or a time user?

Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.  Albert Einstein


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