"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung

Psychic Attack

It’s important to move beyond getting stuck on words, and realize the reality behind the terminology.My Shadow

It is not generally accepted that “sick people can make healthy people sick.”As we develop a multidimensional awareness we will be extremely blessed if we do not encounter this phenomena at some time. This phenomenon is not only pertinent to those experiencing multidimensional realities but to many folks in all walks and circumstances of life. Not only can this be experienced as personal phenomena but as a psychological warfare tool often used by the military prior to the invasion of a country. But it does not stop here.

It is not putting it too strongly to say that we are subject to emotional and psychological warfare, disguised as marketing, advertising, persuasion and of course “big brother,” every time we unconsciously watch television or walk around superstores, hypermarkets and shopping malls.

Should we be suffering from low self esteem or a strong lack of identity we will succumb to these manipulative strategies more than those with a good sense of self esteem and identity. This statement flies in the face of many spiritual entrepreneurs who advocate loss of ego. It’s not loss of ego that is needed here but a realignment of the will. There are multiple misunderstandings around this whole subject.

Those who read the book A New Human will see I am well placed to speak of this. Psychic Attack can be a useful tool to discover what work we need to do, what within us remains in need of integrating or healing; but it is also the cause of many debilitating illnesses and malaise. Those who are the perpetrators of this phenomena are often unconscious and do not know what havoc they are reeking to those around them. However the entity using their body knows only too well what they are doing. For those of you who have encountered moving through spiritual and psychological realities will perhaps have encountered the subject of chakras and auras. This is the accepted terminology for the energy system that encompasses our body, otherwise known as the bio-energy field. When this field is torn through trauma or accident our energy can leak out and other sometimes unwholesome energies can infiltrate and turn what was a weakness into a major problem.

The greatest work that is needed by all humans at this time is to heal and become strong enough to avoid this painful and confusing phenomena.

Some world leaders know and use psychological warfare as a tool to silence the masses. Instigating fears of threats known or unknown is the best use of this tool. Persuading the masses that they are vulnerable, weak and depend on the military might for their protection gets them the permission they need to implement shock and awe on a nation of innocent men women and children.

However it is on a more personal level and from experience that I speak. The worst incidents of psychic attack I have experienced have been when I have been involved in a close emotional relationship, with people of either sex. Whilst I acknowledge that one can be subject to this onslaught from sources beyond one, it is often more prevalent in ones immediate environment and at a time when it is the last thing in the world one would encounter or expect. Thus this is how this phenomena works.

It is not my intention to launch into a full seminar on this subject at this time, there are plenty of other credible sources of information that one can research on the internet. However the more work one can do on self honesty and clearing denial, facing the reality of a situation the better protected one can be. Clearly this takes time. Spending time with people who are knowingly taking responsibility for their personal evolution is useful. Remaining grounded and living simply, avoiding large doses of useless information will help clear and keep our energy field balanced.

It is generally accepted by those more experienced than I that those who have incarnated into this planet to help transform old stuck paradigms are more vulnerable than most to psychic attack. But let that not be an excuse to remain unconscious, or to delude one into thinking one is different or important. Everyone incarnate on the planet at this time has come to ground a new reality or paradigm. We don’t do this until we have become enmeshed and overcome the old one. This is what experience is all about. How can we change dysfunctional systems if we are not subject to the dysfunction ourselves?

If you suspect you may be undergoing a difficult situation related to this at this time, then the best thing you can do is withdraw deep into yourself. Switch off as much in-put from outer sources that is possible, surround yourself in nature and call upon your soul or higher self to lead you to discover that which will heal and protect you. There are many tools out there; but discernment is needed because they are often sold for big bucks. The best source of protection is inner self honesty and a willingness to learn from the challenge. More serious attacks may need assistance from an outer source you can fully trust. Switching off all spiritual and metaphysical topics for a while and watching a good funny movie will also help. Then there is the obvious thing of maintaining a good wholesome diet, not too much and avoiding excesses of any kind.

Practicing Mindfulness and becoming aware of emotions that are not dealt with by self, prevents causing upset for others. Finally avoid paranoia, I accept this is difficult in the midst of a battle for your heart and mind, perhaps offering your perpetrator your heart and mind on a platter, knowing you are neither, is the most enlightening thing to do. But this takes a deep trust and an ability to take yourself lightly.

“Sometimes the darkest challenges, the most difficult lessons, hold the greatest gems of light.”
Barbara Marciniak, Family of Light: Pleiadian Tales and Lessons in Living


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