"Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other." Carl Jung


   It was during a conversation with my daughter that I recognized this article may be of value to others. We were discussing perceptions and how others see us is not how we see ourselves. This got me thinking and reflecting on some spiritual teachings that I have never felt totally comfortable with yet did not feel qualified or justified to reject.
Many traditional teachings speak in confusing terms on the delusional qualities of what they deem as the ego. My one time spiritual mentor Eckhart Tolle once accused me of coming from ego when I challenged his response to something I had written. Because my own sense of knowing was still being developed at that time I took his remarks personally and felt diminished. Now I see that it was actually my own lack of integration that caused my reaction. He also saw clearly that I was in danger of giving my power away to him, by seeing him as all wise and all knowing. He said to me one day that “had you continued to elevate me I would have gone out one night and got drunk so you would cease to inflate me.”

It was through this incident that I learned to adjust my perceptions. I eventually saw him as an equal instead of needing a  drama to be deliberately played out.

This is where many spiritual tools such as meditation, contemplation and generally having down time and doing nothing, as seen from others viewpoint, is a vital practice. This enables integration of these two sides of the personality and thus we will feel less intimidated by perceived threats from others or our environment, as well as seeing ourselves and others as equals traveling the same multidimensional universe.

It is now a given and broadcast widely in the metaphysical and spiritual communities that we already know everything, however everything we know does not always download when we need it. By necessity when we have arrived on our planet with a mission, sometimes called the “Soul’s Contract” we need a certain amount of training in this dysfunctional reality called Planet Earth to recognize said dysfunctional systems. Then we can get around to transforming and overcoming them whilst maintaining a healthy respect for others who prefer to remain in dysfunctional patterns.

Compassion is needed now more than ever for people who find themselves stuck and who do not know which way to turn. Some reflection on our own path, especially during the difficult times, will give us this. We will then become less judgmental and critical of others. As our evolutionary path is being speeded up it is not everyone who will feel inclined or indeed need to study experts such as C.G. Jung as one of the pioneers in this subject.

So perhaps when we next meet a person who is bubbling over with confidence and self esteem it may benefit us to reflect if what we are seeing reflects the whole of that person, or may we just perhaps, be projecting our own lack of self esteem and thus seeing more than what is actually there.

Many computer games where altered egos or avatars are being created represent much wisdom from many traditional teachings; whether they have the same affect of deepening knowledge and wisdom of value within players lives, given these games encourage superficial reactions and responses is of course another matter.

For now though it may help us to reflect where we are out of balance between our inner and outer reality. Do we judge ourselves on how much we are accomplishing as perceived by others? Or are we wise enough to develop sufficient inner self esteem to not be swayed by others approval or disapproval?

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.

Carl Gustav Jung


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